LG Android One phone leaked by Q Stylus source code with T-Mobile link
It’s a lightweight device that has a few kinks to it that other regional variants would not have. And it’s all from open source information.
Nokia 3 scores official Android Oreo update, 1 and 6 roll out kernel source code
The quad-core MediaTek-powered Nokia 3 is HMD Global’s latest smartphone to receive over-the-air Oreo goodies, while the Nokia 1 and 6 are the company’s first with kernel source code out.
Xiaomi Mi A1 shows developers some love with long overdue kernel release
For an Android One smartphone, it sure took the Xiaomi Mi A1 a painfully long time to publicly distribute original kernel source code.
Moto X4 kernel on Android Oreo now on GitHub
As part of the general public license that Android is offered to device makers under, Motorola has to post changes to the kernel it has made.
HTC U11 Silver and Blue Lifestyle
European devs now have access to HTC U11 kernel
ROM developers in Europe will now have access to the full source code for the HTC U11. Hmm, Europe. What is it with opening up to Europe?
Moto Z kernel with Android Nougat now on GitHub
The Linux kernel source for the Moto Z and Moto Z Droid are now available for download and modification from GitHub, where other device sources also are.
OnePlus gives ROM developers access to Dash Charge kernels
Changing up the ROM on the OnePlus 3? You’ve had to trade away Dash Charge speeds to get into your style. But developers are working on it.
LG G3 oversharpening fix arrives with a few kernel tweaks
It’s FINALLY here. Learn how to apply the new community-created LG G3 sharpening fix.
Before and after: an overclocked Galaxy Note II (Video)
Need something to breathe a little more life into your aging Galaxy Note II? Watch to see the before and after of an overclocked Galaxy Note II!
Android Power User with Joe Levi
Android Power User: What is a Kernel?
Learn about your phone or tablet’s kernel, what it is, and what it does, and how it’s closely related to fruits and nuts!
Nexus 7 running Elite Kernel
Elite Kernel Turns Your Nexus 7 Into a Completely New Device (Video)
Read about how to get insane amounts of speed out of your Nexus 7 by flashing the Elite Kernel.