This year’s MacBook Air will get last year’s Intel processors, sort of
What will be running inside of the newest regular MacBook coming this fall? Last year’s silicon with a 2018 twist. How much will it cost?
Microsoft’s upcoming 10-inch ‘Surface Lite’ could pack Intel Pentium processors
That low-cost Windows 10 tablet Microsoft is reportedly working on is probably not called Surface Lite, but it might be powered by Intel Pentium chips.
iMac and MacBook get juiced, iMac Pro gets teased
The iMac Pro is a compact workstation with huge impacts from AMD for graphics-intensive work. Current Macs, though, get some love, too.
The Siri speaker and other things you should look for at WWDC 2017
An iPad Pro at a new size is also said to be included. Developer hell for iOS app makers in a 32-bit malaise. Plenty of hardware to boot. One conference.
Surface Pro 5 may get outshined by Harman Kardon Cortana speaker
We are not sure when the event is happening… still… but Microsoft supposed has one cued up soon with change-ups and tweaks.