US formally charges Huawei with T-Mobile secrets stealing, sanctions fraud [U]

Huawei is accused of incentivizing its employees to steal trade secrets. It is claimed it also lied to banks about its ties to an Iranian company.

US wants to prosecute Huawei for stealing T-Mobile robot secrets

According to sources, the Department of Justice wants to sue Huawei for stealing trade secrets from T-Mobile related to a robot.

Sprint/T-Mobile merger cleared by foreign investment regulator

The Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States has approved the deal and so have a few other government agencies. But it waits on the FCC.

Huawei CFO on bail in Canada, will return to court February 6

But the legal system in Canada is considering the US Justice Departments request to expedite her south to face fraud charges on sanctions breahes.

Sprint/T-Mobile merger pitch to FCC pivots from 5G to competition

Instead of leading the way with 5G coverage, a combined Sprint/T-Mobile carrier would best operate as a more robust counter to AT&T and Verizon.

Sprint/T-Mobile merger looks on track to close in 2019

The nation’s fourth- and third-largest carriers have been preparing to merge for the past several months. Several more and it could happen.

California passes own net neutrality law, Justice Department sues

On the same day Governor Jerry Brown signed the law that restored net neutrality regulations on ISPs, Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit.

AT&T can buy Time Warner as judge shuts down Department of Justice

The deal was being contested out of concern that AT&T would hike up premium channel packages and retransmission fees in negotiation with competitors.

Department of Justice looking at Sprint/T-Mobile merger impacts on small carriers

Smaller carriers that buy access to Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s networks on a wholesale basis are worried that the merged company will raise rates.

Department of Justice on Sprint/T-Mobile merger: no “magical number” in wireless market

2014 was the last time such a deal was tried and the administration in place at the time had put down a decidedly definite watermark on the wireless market.
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In AT&T-Time Warner merger trial, US government wants CNN parent to be spun off

The Department of Justice wants to separate Turner Broadcasting, which owns several basic and premium cable channels, from satellite TV provider DIRECTV, owned by AT&T.
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If Android is nixed, Huawei’s backup OS will not be as robust

If Huawei were ever to come into a “worst-case scenario” and be left without Android and Google’s services, would it still be able to compete?

Net neutrality isn’t exactly dead yet… | #PNWeekly 302 (Audio)

The Trump White House has yet to sign off on key aspects of the net neutrality repeal. Sprint and T-Mobile and merging… again… and more in our show!

As eSIM probe goes on, JP Morgan takes odds down for Sprint and T-Mobile merger

The Department of Justice is looking at whether AT&T and Verizon have colluded. As such, one bank analyst believes that the regulator’s view on the industry may negatively impact chances of a merger of the nation’s weakest major carriers.

US investigating AT&T and Verizon over eSIM, GSMA pauses its involvement

The GSMA has been working on a standard for embedded SIMs, which would allow users to switch carriers without the need to switch cards and would also get rid of carrier locking. Two carriers wanted to put the kibosh on that.

AT&T can defend Time Warner deal from US government with arbitration clause

If AT&T were to subsume Time Warner, it would commit to binding arbitration over the license fees of channels like CNN and HBO with its distributor counterparts.

Judge denies AT&T’s request to see White House thoughts on Time Warner acquisition

The Department of Justice also wants to prevent AT&T from arguing that politics played a role in the government’s decision to go after this deal.

Fox wants CNN, AT&T won’t sell as it buys Time Warner

The company formerly known as News Corp and headed by right-aligned media champion Rupert Murdoch really, really wants CNN.

AT&T reportedly asked to dump CNN, other assets in order to buy Time Warner

The Department of Justice reportedly required AT&T to sell Turner Broadcasting, owner of CNN and other brands, to go through with the $85 billion deal.

Is Uber criminally responsible for using software to stealthily operate in banned areas?

The ride-hailing tech company admitted that its drivers used software called “Greyball” to avoid being detected in areas Uber was banned.

ZTE settles with US government, fined $1.2 billion

The Chinese phonemaker was found by the Commerce Department to be doing business with companies in Iran and North Korea, a sanctions no-no.

ZTE plea deal with US could be “sign of progress”

ZTE could come out from under the boulder of sanctions it has been facing for a year. But it will depend on concise government action.

AT&T and Time Warner effectively cleared for deal by FCC’s Pai

Chairman Ajit Pai does not foresee his agency scrutinizing the $85.4 billion deal between a telco conglomerate and a media giant.

Associated Press, Gannett, Vice sue FBI for San Bernardino iPhone hack details

Who created it? What intentions do they have in mind? Was it a proper use of government funds? It’s one of the iPhone 5c encryption issues that won’t die.

John Chen: Apple “should have a basic civil responsibility”

The BlackBerry CEO tore into Apple at the company’s Security Summit for not assisting the FBI in decrypting a terrorism suspect’s iPhone.