The hot (and not so hot) news stories from Pocketnow in 2016

Microsoft and Google? Not so hot. Virtual reality and you? Very hot. The stories and narrative arcs of mobile technology in 2016.

Jolla closes third round of funding, ready to boost software vending

The Finnish start-up is still trying to recover from a huge blow to its hardware ambitions and is refocusing on vending its Sailfish OS.

After cascade of troubles, Jolla may struggle to make due with Indiegogo backers

The Finnish upstart will ship its remaining tablets to Indiegogo backers and will take one year to refund the rest. But it will have a hard time doing so.

Jolla keeps Sailfish OS alive with help from new investors

Following some massive layoffs, a new new Jolla investment is helping to keep Sailfish OS alive.

Jolla Tablet, after delays, begins shipping

One of the many mobile tech offshoots we’ve covered a couple of…

Jolla Tablet and Sailfish OS 2.0: hands-on at MWC 2015 (Video)

See the new Sailfish OS 2.0 on the latest hardware with our MWC 2015 Jolla Tablet video hands-on.

Jolla Tablet crowdfunding efforts introduce new 64GB option

Find out how you can get the new 64GB Jolla Tablet, or upgrade you previous order to the 64GB version.

Jolla launches crowdfunding campaign to fund Sailfish OS tablet

Get the details on the affordable, powerful-looking Jolla Tablet, on-track to ship next spring.