Jolla Sailfish OS begins life on Planet Computers Gemini PDA

Sailfish OS is still kicking around and it has a new toy to play with: it’s a PDA that made big splashes during CES 2018.

Third Sailfish OS generation expands support for smartphones, dumb phones and modern PDAs

Sailfish OS is billed as the world’s only “alternative” mobile operating system at MWC 2018, coming soon to Sony’s Xperia XA2, the next-gen Gemini PDA, and unnamed feature phones.

A Podcast Five Years in the Making… | #PNWeekly 260

One episode a week, every week. We’ve been talking mobile technology for five years now. It’s about time we bring back the people who started it all.

Jolla pushing Sailfish OS development on Sony Xperia X

Some Jolla Tablet backers who never got their hardware may receive a finished version of Sailfish OS if they opt to buy an Xperia X.

The hot (and not so hot) news stories from Pocketnow in 2016

Microsoft and Google? Not so hot. Virtual reality and you? Very hot. The stories and narrative arcs of mobile technology in 2016.

Jolla plays around with the idea of a Sailfish Watch

Jolla plays around with its code and figures that Sailfish could be dropped on a smartwatch. It’s another try at getting manufacturer support around it.

Jolla’s Sailfish OS certified by Russian government, looks for wide distribution

The Kremlin wants to see its dependence on Android and iOS products shrink down over the next decade. Sailfish OS products might help it out.

Sailfish OS powers Intex Aqua Fish budget phone in India

The Intex Aqua Fish is one of the first budget phones in the Indian market to have Jolla’s Sailfish OS 2.0. It’s a win for the Finnish tech startup.

Jolla doesn’t give up, unveils Sailfish Community Device Program and Jolla C phone

1,000 early participants to the newly launched Sailfish Community Device Program will be able to get their hands on the Jolla C smartphone in July.

Jolla closes third round of funding, ready to boost software vending

The Finnish start-up is still trying to recover from a huge blow to its hardware ambitions and is refocusing on vending its Sailfish OS.

Sailfish OS 2.0 and the Fairphone 2 hands-on (Video)

We’re looking at both a modular smartphone and Jolla’s Sailfish OS in our MWC 2016 Fairphone 2 video.

After cascade of troubles, Jolla may struggle to make due with Indiegogo backers

The Finnish upstart will ship its remaining tablets to Indiegogo backers and will take one year to refund the rest. But it will have a hard time doing so.

Jolla keeps Sailfish OS alive with help from new investors

Following some massive layoffs, a new new Jolla investment is helping to keep Sailfish OS alive.

Jolla shares word of financial trouble as it lets go half its workforce

Sailfish OS is in a tough spot right now, as massive Jolla layoffs arrive amidst news of an attempt to restructure the company’s debt.

Jolla Tablet, after delays, begins shipping

One of the many mobile tech offshoots we’ve covered a couple of…

Jolla shares Sailfish OS 2.0 news as it picks up first hardware partner

Take an early look at the improvements in Sailfish OS 2.0 before it arrives for the Jolla smartphone.

Next generation of Sailfish-powered phones launches tomorrow

We’re about to get our first look at a Sailfish OS 2.0 phone, as Intex plans to launch just such a handset for the Indian market.

Jolla plans to split software and hardware business

There’s a big shake-up happening for Sailfish OS, with future Jolla hardware set to come from a new spin-off business.

YotaPhone drops Android in favor of Jolla Sailfish (UPDATE: no it doesn’t)

According to a recent report, YotaPhone drops Android and decides to go with Jolla Sailfish, an evolution of Nokia’s old Meego.

Jolla Tablet and Sailfish OS 2.0: hands-on at MWC 2015 (Video)

See the new Sailfish OS 2.0 on the latest hardware with our MWC 2015 Jolla Tablet video hands-on.

Jolla Tablet crowdfunding efforts introduce new 64GB option

Find out how you can get the new 64GB Jolla Tablet, or upgrade you previous order to the 64GB version.

Is it time for Nokia and Jolla to reunite?

Nokia and Jolla are both suddenly minor players in the smartphone space. Since they worked so well together before, perhaps a reunion is in order?

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Jolla phone scores big discount in celebration of crowdfunding success

Get the details on the new Jolla discount being applied to the company’s Sailfish OS smartphone.

Jolla launches crowdfunding campaign to fund Sailfish OS tablet

Get the details on the affordable, powerful-looking Jolla Tablet, on-track to ship next spring.