John Legere will stop being T-Mobile’s CEO in May

John Legere will stop being T-Mobile’s CEO since May 1st, 2020, and we already know who is going to take control of magenta

T-Mobile: Netflix On Us still on us until at least May 1

Netflix is hiking its prices, but it is still status quo at T-Mobile for free subscriptions. That status quo is a good thing that may last only months more.

T-Mobile acquires ‘fellow disruptor’ to try to ‘Un-carrier’ the TV industry next year

T-Mobile has big plans outside of the wireless industry, even after its Sprint merger attempt failed, planning to release its very own TV service in 2018.

The John Legere LG G6 Social Media Sweepstakes is on until 8pm Eastern today

T-Mobile’s CEO is giving away six LG G6 units today and there’s only just a few things you need to do to snag a chance at one.

T-Mobile lets you give and receive several gifts at the same time this coming Tuesday

T-Mobile Tuesdays are back with a bang, as CEO John Legere misses no opportunity to troll AT&T and Verizon with freebies for everybody.

Legere leaves Sprint deal with T-Mobile open for discussion

T-Mobile is in a fantastic position for growth, be it alone or in a consolidated party. But the CEO wants to make it known that he’s wearing the pants here.

T-Mobile CEO giving away trip to Mars after Twitter milestone

John Legere just hit 3 million followers. Why not ratchet up his cult of personality with a big giveaway? All you need to enter is to retweet.

Legere: T-Mobile iPhone 7 pre-orders quadruple iPhone 6

The network’s CEO said that the matte Black version of the iPhone 7, not the Jet Black version, is the most popular for pre-orderers.

John Legere filmed an announcement and Reddit just had T-Mobile Tuesdays complaints

Reddit jumped upon a teaser from T-Mobile CEO John Legere by complaining about how meh the T-Mobile Tuesdays perks have become.

Legere attacks USA TODAY for reporting on allegations against T-Mobile

Labor unions have had their problems with T-Mobile. The National Labor Relations…

T-Mobile’s new Uncarrier deal intends to remove roaming limitations

Learn more about T-Mobile’s new Uncarrier initiative, which plans to defy what we currently consider as roaming services from competiros.

Sprint CEO is tired of John Legere’s tweets, and calls Uncarrier BS

Learn more about a recent twitter battle between Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure, and T-Mobile CEO John Legere, as things really got hostile.

T-Mobile’s 2015 predictions speak highly of the Apple Watch

Read more about the recent predictions of T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, regarding the future he expects to see in the wearable market with the Apple Watch

T-Mobile to pay for families to leave competitors, says leaked ad

Even though T-Mobile isn’t doing a great job in gaining new customers…