Don’t wait for a better Pixel Slate – Google pulls throttle on laptops and tablets
The company actually supposedly had a whole bunch of tablet and laptop projects down the pipeline when the staffing cuts took place.
Bad Apple sales are leaving 50,000 Foxconn contract workers without a job
Apple’s bad iPhone sales are now even affecting Foxconn’s contract workers that are losing their jobs because of production cuts
Apple reportedly slowing hiring after poor holidays
To be clear, we’re not talking about layoffs. But if Apple doesn’t combat its weaknesses, we could be talking about them soon.
If Sprint and T-Mobile merge, wages may decline industry-wide
The Economic Policy Institute paper claims that market consolidation in the wireless industry is bad news for shop floor workers.
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HTC cuts dozens of jobs in India while clinging to the market
Dozens of jobs have been cut with redundacies being placed in the company’s Taiwan headquarters. And yet, HTC struggles on in India.
In addition to factory, Foxconn also setting up headquarters in Wisconsin
500 jobs will be put in a seven-story building in downtown Milwaukee, most of them in administration while some will work on LCD technology.
After recent acquisition, Broadcom lays off 1,100 employees
What would have happened if Broadcom had acquired Qualcomm? Some say we should take a cue from the aftermath of a recent actual acquisition.
Qualcomm begins cost reduction regime with widespread job cuts
The California-based semiconductors company is working to cut operation cuts by about $1 billion yearly and had considered not touching the workforce.
Apple Stores employing contractors for on-site iPhone battery replacements
It seems that Apple Stores are struggling to handle the backlog of battery replacement orders they’re getting with the hands they have on deck.
Apple hiring more Siri-related positions this year
Most of the 161 positions that are currently posted are focused on software engineering. Could Apple finally be taking the shovel to building Siri’s intelligence?
Moto X5 canceled, Moto Mods program restrained after rumored job cuts
The Moto X4 successor may not be while Moto Mods may not be as imaginative as Lenovo had hoped they could be. All as the mobile division suffers financially.
Lenovo rumored to have cut Motorola Chicago staff again
Anywhere from one-third to one-half of the remaining staff in Chicago are getting the slip. One Moto Mod developer is holding back on devastating news for the Moto Z series.
Jobs posted for Spotify hardware projects
Nothing about these postings define the product in question, which Spotify is eager to put out but has yet to confirm anything about.
Pricier iPhones, poorer schools? State governments fall over Apple, Foxconn with tax relief for jobs
The iPhone 8 is expected to cost $1,000 from the get-go. Imagine if it were made in the US? Factories and jobs are expensive. Is the answer tax breaks?
Trump: Three big Apple factories in the US soon
Apple CEO Tim Cook apparently promised that these “beautiful factories” (Trump’s words, not his) would be in the United States.
Microsoft job cuts mean up to 3,000 staffers will be laid off
The word on the street is that the sales department will downsize and serve businesses, businesses and more businesses. All sizes, too.
BlackBerry and Ford make 400 hires for QNX and SYNC platforms
As Ford rushes to get into the smart car wave, BlackBerry’s employment practices are still under question as a class action pends.
Over 300 employees sue BlackBerry for bait-and-switch to cut severance benies
The Canadian company is accused of depriving entitlements to its employees after transferring them over to Ford Motor Company and forcing them to resign.
Construction on Sharp US plant may begin by July, if it happens at all
The company, which provides a substantial amount of displays to Apple for its iPhone, may opt not to build a factory in Trump’s America….
SoftBank orders Sprint to bring 5,000 new jobs to US, Trump supposedly a motivator
President-Elect Donald Trump said that the “head person” at Sprint called to thank him for making the move even possible.
Lenovo lays off about 1,000, mostly in Motorola
Most of those job cuts will end up impact Motorola in Chicago and the 1,200 or so jobs that are still there. Will Lenovo shut Chicago operations down?
Foxconn job cuts total 60,000 at one factory thanks to automation
Cutting down on humanpower will help save Foxconn money. As one of Apple’s suppliers, it’s been working on making artificial intelligence its workhorse.
Microsoft Mobile Devices Sales rumored to disappear, Nokia feature phones license sold off
Microsoft is said to be planning thousands of job cuts in its mobile division while the Nokia brand on feature phones may get another owner.
LinkedIn Students retools with simpler UI, different mission
The interface is simplified and the mission is more focused on helping students get into a field and build a network within that field.
Sprint lays off 2,500 as cost-cutting continues
2,000 employees will be cut from customer care, resulting in the closing of call centers. Headquarters will see hundreds of position eliminations.