Jet Black iPhone 7 finish now on 32GB model, (PRODUCT)RED done for the year

Yes, this also applies to the iPhone 7 Plus, too. The (PRODUCT)RED color and the 256GB storage option are now both also gone.

Nikkei: Apple lowers iPhone orders for second winter quarter in a row

It’s the second estimated winter demand pull-down for Apple’s flagship tech product. But these are for fiscal Q2, not the holiday quarter that just ended.

Jet Black iPhone 7 availability drops to within a day

And that’s through shipping or in-store pickup. The iPhone 7 Plus should take a week via the post and there’s spotty in-store availability.

Black Pearl Galaxy S7 Edge debuts in ‘select markets’, Blue Coral reaches India

The jet black iPhone 7-contending black pearl Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is officially official, commercially launching tomorrow in unnamed markets.

‘Pearl Black’ Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is likely just a couple of days away, at least in Korea

Samsung could launch the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus-contending ‘Pearl Black’ Galaxy S7 Edge as soon as this Friday, November 9, rumor has it.

Check out the jet black iPhone 7-contending ‘glossy black’ Galaxy S7 Edge in the flesh

Does “onyx black” not feel eye-catching enough? Here’s the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in a snazzy upcoming “glossy black” coat of paint.

Glossy black Galaxy S7 could soon fight against Jet Black iPhone 7

Samsung already introduced one new color with the Galaxy S7 edge, now it reportedly wants to introduce another for the regular S7.

Sketchy supply chain information calls for eventual ‘jet white’ iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Given the extraordinary popularity of jet black iPhone 7 models, the prospective release of “jet white” variants isn’t wholly out of the question.

More analysts convinced iPhone 7 demand far outpaces supply, could lead to sales growth

Unit sales forecasts are going up everywhere, but with the supply chain clogged with back orders and a 74.78 million total to beat, it’s going to be tough.

A not-so-much all-glass iPhone 8, as sold by KGI

Apple would like to think that it could get an all-glass iPhone 8 out there, but it seems that KGI Securities thinks it’ll need some stainless steel.

KGI: Jet Black iPhone 7 production issues hold up deliveries

KGI Securities states in an investment note that Apple can only take 60 to 70 percent of any lot of Jet Black iPhone 7 devices to market.

All iPhone 7 Plus colors and jet black iPhone 7 are officially sold out

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus haven’t even technically launched yet, and they’re already impossible to come by, especially in Jet Black.

Jet Black iPhone 7 sells out in minutes, shipping waits lasting until November

As of this post, shipping waits for new orders of the Jet Black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus extend through October and even into November.