OnePlus 5T jelly scrolling is unlikely to be a problem, as display orientation looks ‘normal’

If you were so annoyed by the jelly scrolling issue of the OnePlus 5 that you ended up returning the phone, you may want to give the OnePlus 5T a chance.

Moto Z2 Force appears to exhibit the same ‘jelly scrolling’ behavior as OnePlus 5

The so-called “jelly scrolling” disease of the OnePlus 5 might be contagious, as the Moto Z2 Force seems to have developed the same exact symptoms.

OnePlus 5 ‘jelly scrolling effect’ bug quickly swept under the rug, officially deemed ‘natural’ behavior

The oh-so-promising OnePlus 5’s scandals, controversies and issues aren’t going away anytime soon, as the OEM chooses to act like they’re not real.