Another Android distribution chart, another small uptick for 8.0 Oreo

The December 2017 Android distribution numbers are in, and version 8.0 Oreo still can’t rival the prevalence of Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat or Jelly Bean.

Another Android distribution chart, another marginal Nougat share increase

We may finally see Nougat break into double-digit Android distribution territory…next month. For now, 7.0 and 7.1’s combined share is 7.1 percent.

April’s Android distribution chart is still messed up, with Lollipop on top and Nougat at 4.9 percent

This month in Android distribution news: Nougat continues its slow rise to Jelly Bean-beating numbers, while Lollipop is still number one.

Finally, Nougat sees major surge in March Android distribution numbers

2.8 percent is still a small piece of the pie for 7.0 and 7.1 Nougat, but at least it’s much bigger than 1.2 percent in previous Android distribution data.

Marshmallow up another 2 percent in August Android distribution, still lagging behind Jelly Bean

Marshmallow is spreading to new phones and tablets, but according to the latest distribution report, it’s still the fourth most popular Android flavor.

Marshmallow climbs in latest Android distribution numbers, Lollipop exceeds Jelly Bean

Marshmallow more than doubled its Android distribution share in the past month, but aside from Froyo, everyOS flavor in use still beats 6.0.

HTC Desire 616 launched; Sports a MediaTek octa-core processor

HTC continues to be its future on the mid-to-high tier of the…
KitKat versus Jelly Bean

KitKat looks like Jelly Bean, but under the hood it’s a whole lot better

Android 4.4 KitKat looks like Jelly Bean: What are the advantages of KitKat vs. Jelly Bean?

Nexus 5 vs Nexus 4 (Video)

The Nexus 4 was a sweet phone for the price, and its successor has eliminated most of its pain points. See the two go head-to-head in Nexus 5 vs Nexus 4!

iOS 7 vs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (Video)

What happens when the latest versions of the two most popular mobile platforms square off? Watch this iOS 7 vs Jelly Bean video to find out!
nand flash

What is TRIM support in Android 4.3 and why should you care?

The original Nexus 7 got slower with use. The problem was identified, Google pushed an update that enables Android TRIM support, & fixed the issue.

Here’s why you don’t want to root your Android 4.3, not yet anyway

Android 4.3 includes a lot of security enhancements, some of which make root a bit tricky. Here is why you don’t want to root your Android 4.3 — yet.
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What Android 4.3 tells us about Key Lime Pie

Android 4.3 was recently announced and is rolling out to phones and tablets now. What’s new, and what does it tell us about Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie?

Samsung spitballing: what might TouchWiz 6 look like?

Samsung’s Android UI, or “skin,” has never won many popularity contests. Read our speculation on what the company might bring to the table in TouchWiz 6.

iPhone 5S Slow-motion video, Galaxy Note III variants, Android security & more – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Sprint’s official dates and…

From Android skins to Android stock: a sweet & sour experience with the Google-edition HTC One

My journey from Sense 5 to stock Android on the Google-edition HTC One reveals the bane -and the beauty- of Android skins.

My dream smartphone is a palm-sized ATIV Q

An Android Windows Phone hybrid has long been my favorite unicorn idea in mobile. Samsung’s multi-platform ATIV Q has, in a way, resurrected that concept.

BlackBerry 10.2 to support Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean apps

As much as BlackBerry can boast to you that their new operating…

Lag isn’t always a death sentence

We’ve criticized lag and stutter in mobile software for years. But is the presence of the occasional jitter or jump really a make-it-or-break-it issue?

Would you pay for an official port of Stock Android to your current phone?

A lot of people have forgotten about the origins of Android. It…

Sony Xperia Tablet Z & Nokia Lumia 928 – Pocketnow U-Review Episode 002

The prettiest tablet we’ve handled and the newest Nokia Windows Phone: join us for Pocketnow U-Review 002, featuring Sony Xperia Tablet Z & Nokia Lumia 928!
wwdc 2013

Will Google try to steal Apple’s WWDC 2013 thunder with Android 4.3?

Apple is holding its developer conference (WWDC) in approximately two weeks. WWDC…
Android 4.3 Rumors

Should you be excited about the June 10 Android 4.3 rumors?

There are always rumors about what’s coming in the next iteration, but let’s get specific: should you be excited about the Android 4.3 rumors?

Walkthrough of Leaked Galaxy S III 4.2 Firmware With S 4 Features (Video)

Samsung promised to bring new TouchWiz features to the Galaxy S III in an update. See what features made the cut in the leaked Galaxy S III 4.2 firmware!

Pocketnow Weekly 044: Galaxy S 4 Google Edition, I/O 2013, & Nokia Lumia 925

Google I/O, a Nexus-style Galaxy S 4, & Nokia’s Lumia 925. The big news of the week, covered in a 55-minute tech podcast. Join us for the Pocketnow Weekly!