iPhone X resale value

Sharp and JDI could join Samsung and LG in supplying OLED iPhone panels this year

The OLED iPhone display supply chain is about to get really crowded and competitive, with Sharp and JDI likely to throw their hats in the Samsung-dominated ring soon enough.

Speculation is already ramping up in regard to an LCD 2018 iPhone with ‘Full Active’ JDI technology

Apple’s 2018 iPhone trio looks set to include an eye-catching LCD model with “Full Active” technology from JDI for razor-thin bezels.

Sony’s next-gen flagship will deliver a ‘complete new design’: can you say minimal bezel?

After so many years of “omnibalance”, a top Sony exec says the time has almost come for a big change, likely focused on small bezels.

Fresh supply chain speculation calls for two OLED 2018 iPhones, one ‘6 plus-inch’ LCD

Apple is still likely to release a trio of 2018 iPhones, but including two instead of the previously rumored three OLED models, as well as an LCD.