TIDAL fighting to survive through 2018

Jay-Z’s streaming music service is internally expected to make money next year, but not before it hits zero on the bank balance.

Sprint has free Jay-Z tickets to offer this Saturday to new and existing customers

If you hurry and add a new line of service to your new or existing Sprint account this Saturday in physical stores only, you could score free Jay-Z tix.

Jay-Z’s “4:44” spreads from TIDAL, but not to Spotify

The world’s largest music streaming platform is left out of the “4:44” party, potentially because of its inclusion of an ad-supported customer tier.

With 1.5 billion streams, RIAA certifies Platinum for Jay-Z’s “4:44”

With the RIAA’s certification specifications and Jay-Z’s distribution strategy, the only way to go platinum was to reach 1.5 billion streams.

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The Sprint exclusive on “4:44” and Jay-Z’s war on Apple Music

Sprint and pre-existing TIDAL subscribers get to stream “4:44” exclusively for the next six months. Apple Music won’t have its pie.

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One million Galaxy owners will get Jay-Z’s new album for free via app

It seems that the “new thing” for 2013 is celebrity endorsements, as…