Jawbone reportedly goes into liquidation, spin-off startup founded with revised focus
It’s no surprise that Jawbone is nearing death, starting liquidation proceedings already, with its CEO and co-founder out to establish a new business.
Jawbone will probably, almost definitely shift focus from consumer to medical products
If it wasn’t obvious already, low-cost Jawbone fitness bands for the masses are dead, as the company plots a pivot to professional health care products.
Fitbit reportedly tried to buy Jawbone as well, but lowball offer blocked the deal
Believe it or not, wearable tech veteran Jawbone is not desperate enough… just yet to accept any acquisition offer from arch-nemesis Fitbit.
Jawbone leaks: payments overdue, possible sale
The fitness bandsmaker right up there with Fitbit and (ahem) Apple is not doing too well on the streets nor on the balance sheets, say some insiders.
Big discount on Jawbone UP2 if you act quick
Click through for a more direct link to Groupon’s deal. The Jawbone UP2 is going for 55 percent off while the company tries to gather its strategy.
Jawbone labels exit speculation as false, remains committed to building new wearables
In trying to set the record straight, Jawbone essentially confirmed current money trouble while insisting it’s got exciting things in the pipeline still.
Jawbone stops the factories for one last-chance wearable
Sources say Jawbone has sold off its inventory of UP fitness wearables and is looking to sell its Bluetooth speaker business.
Amazon previews eight straight days of holiday deals starting November 20
Amazon can’t wait until November 26 or 27 to lift the veil off its Black Friday deal extravaganza, with an avalanche of promos underway this Friday.
The HTC Grip won’t be missed in a saturated market
If you’re Fitbit, Jawbone or Nike, then you know how to make…
3 ways the Huawei TalkBand B2 wants to improve your life (Video)
No, this isn’t your new year’s resolution coming back to bite you…
Jawbone announces Up4 fitness band with built-in mobile payments, affordable Up2 as well
The Jawbone Up4 has gone official today, bringing mobile payments (with a catch) to fitness bands. The company has also unveiled the affordable Jawbone Up2.
Jawbone announces UP3 and UP MOVE fitness trackers
Need more fitness tracker options? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this news of the announcement of the Jawbone UP3 and UP MOVE.
Jawbone is working on a Pebble app for activity tracking, Android Wear and iWatch support coming too
We’ve just heard that a Jawbone Pebble app for activity tracking is in the pipeline. Learn when we’re planning to see it, and what exactly it’ll do.