Jony Ive
Pocketnow Daily: What Jony Ive Leaving Apple Means… (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about Jony Ive leaving Apples design team, new renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and more
Apple to invest $100M in Japan Display, as it shifts over more LCD orders
A report from Japan suggests that Apple is coming to Japan Display’s help, as the company is struggling. Apple will invest $100M.
Japan Display takes a hit from Apple’s latest iPhones and their slowing sales
Japan Display is facing real difficulties, according to a recent report, and it’s mostly due to Apple, its iPhones, and their sales performance.
Kuo raises iPhone XS Max sales forecasts after great opening weekend numbers
It’s been one week since people started looking at the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. And if they had to opt for one or another, they’re going all Max.
Who’s right about iPhone 9 delays — screen suppliers or Apple?
Some analysts and supply chain sources say that Apple is delaying the launch of this LCD model to allow more expensive ones to sell first and sell more.
Apple is 20 percent less confident in the success of its 2018 iPhones than 2017 variants
Apple may want to manufacture around 80 million of those three 2018 iPhones, down 20 percent from the initial production target of the 2017 generation.
LCD iPhone delayed by two months due to light leakage issues
Blame it on Apple’s need to compromise on price and its unwillingness to compromise on that notch design. Or blame it on something else.
iPhone X resale value
All three 2019 iPhones could go with OLED screens, according to ‘multiple’ inside sources
Last year’s iPhone X was clearly only the beginning of Apple’s transition to OLED display technology, with two 2018 upgrades likely to be followed by three 2019 iPhones snubbing the LCD tradition.
Black Sharks swimming, black money against cancer | #PNWeekly 299
On this show, we dive into the mobile gaming scene where a new Black Shark has emerged from Xiaomi’s pool and how the wireless trade has poured money into twisting negative research on cancer links to radiation.
LCD maker Japan Display needs $500 million to make LCDs, not OLEDs
JDI’s biggest client is Apple and, depending on how this year’s iPhones will sell, these moves could leave the company in a lurch.
KGI updates minutia around 2018 iPhone X models
This year’s new iPhones are coming whether you’ve bought last year’s iPhones or not. And the rumored actions surrounding them are trickling into our intelligence banks.
iPhone X resale value
Sharp and JDI could join Samsung and LG in supplying OLED iPhone panels this year
The OLED iPhone display supply chain is about to get really crowded and competitive, with Sharp and JDI likely to throw their hats in the Samsung-dominated ring soon enough.
Speculation is already ramping up in regard to an LCD 2018 iPhone with ‘Full Active’ JDI technology
Apple’s 2018 iPhone trio looks set to include an eye-catching LCD model with “Full Active” technology from JDI for razor-thin bezels.
Sony’s next-gen flagship will deliver a ‘complete new design’: can you say minimal bezel?
After so many years of “omnibalance”, a top Sony exec says the time has almost come for a big change, likely focused on small bezels.
Fresh supply chain speculation calls for two OLED 2018 iPhones, one ‘6 plus-inch’ LCD
Apple is still likely to release a trio of 2018 iPhones, but including two instead of the previously rumored three OLED models, as well as an LCD.
Huawei Mate 10 has a smart text color selector on lock screen… which is 2:1
A preview clip of the interface shows implies that the main model Mate 10 will get a 1080 x 2160 display. Does this settle the score on screens?
Huawei Mate 10 Pro screen may go 2:1 while Mate 10 sticks to 16:9
The 2:1 trend is sticking on through to the fall flagship season this year. Unfortunately, Huawei fans may not have much to celebrate if they don’t pony up.
Huawei Mate 10 intel points to Munich event on October 16
Other details include an affirmation of the screen size, the existence of a Mate 10 Lite variant and out-of-this-world pricing.
Huawei Mate 10 to utilize Japan Display’s 2:1 LCD
The Mate 10 is expected to take a little influence from the industry and from Apple in particular with a new view, facial scanning and more.
Expect 2:1 displays on Sony Xperia phones from Japan Display soon
Japan Display, which is partly run by Sony, has churned out a smartphone display with a trendy new aspect ratio. Will it arrive on an Xperia soon?
Japan Display officially announces flexible LCD R&D
The AMOLED craze is strong with Samsung and other OEMs. It’s said to be strong for Apple, too. But can Japan Display lure Apple back to LCD?
100 million plastic OLED screens for the iPhone 8, says Samsung insider
A source says that Samsung Display will provide up to 100 million plastic-OLED curved screens for Apple to use in some iPhone 8 units.
Japan Display may put flexible LCD up against AMOLED for foldables
The displays maker is definitely transitioning to AMOLED technology to fight for a piece of the iPhone pie, but foldables are an interest, too.
Japan Display shows off new Pixel Eyes LCD, gets up hopes of waterproof iPhone 7
Japan Display announced that it’s now producing a display that can be used in water. It’s a huge Apple vendor, so that’s leading people to ruminate.
More OLEDs for 2018 iPhone as Japan Display aims to start production
As Apple hopes to transition its iPhone screens to OLED technology, one of the newest display manufacturers hastily makes its own OLED transition.