Apple commission
Some Apple Stores will start reopening in Japan this week
Now Apple Stores will start to reopen its doors to customers in Japan, as the country’s Prime Minister has lifted nationwide restrictions
iPhone Xr
Another Japanese carrier cutting iPhone XR prices
A discount on new iPhones from the carrier side never really happens, but this year, we’ve seen plenty of it happening, especially for the iPhone XR…
Sprint and T-Mobile parents pledge to excise Huawei equipment to score merger approval
Deutsche Telekom and SoftBank are reportedly promising to US regulators that they will get rid of Huawei equipment on all of their networks.
iPhone SE vs iPhone XR
The price for the iPhone Xr has dropped by $100 in Japanese carriers
The iPhone Xr is starting to get price cuts in a Japanese carrier thanks to indirect help from Apple that wants to boost its sales
Amazon agrees to list iPhone, iPads, other Apple products
It already sells MacBooks and has made great strides to carry the Apple TV line. Now, more of Apple’s goods are on the way to Amazon.
LG Android One phone leaked by Q Stylus source code with T-Mobile link
It’s a lightweight device that has a few kinks to it that other regional variants would not have. And it’s all from open source information.
Sharp Aquos R2 pairs ‘high speed’ IGZO screen with unique dual rear camera setup
Inspired by the Essential Phone rather than Apple’s iPhone X, the 6-inch “edgeless” Sharp Aquos R2 packs a Snapdragon 845 processor and two somewhat unusual rear-facing cameras.
Sharp Android One S3 costs $300 in Japan
Sharp introduced its third Android One device into the Japanese market and this one actually sticks to one of the program’s facets: affordability.
At least seven iPhone 8 units have split apart
Two reports came out of Japan and Taiwan. One more then got out from Taiwan. Then came Canada, China, Greece and Hong Kong. What’s up with the iPhone 8?
Apple investigating iPhone 8 Plus units coming apart
Two cases, one each in Japan and Taiwan, have shown up in the first week of iPhone 8 Plus deliveries. The screen and body come apart.
Sony 1Q17 earnings show overall success, more mobile sales
The Japanese conglomerate was able to rack up more sales for its Xperia phones than a year ago and has cut business costs to extract operating profit.
Wena Wrist Leather bands with FeliCa available for pre-order
The Sony-backed venture has gone on to iterate with a new design watch case for its reserved smartwatch. There’s also FeliCa support in those leather bands.
The only acceptable color is red: Sony Xperia XZ Premium has peeked out in a new color
Hint: it’s red. And it’s a pretty red, too. But why does red have to be so special? Why is it the color that leaves most people out in the cold?
Japanese Vaprilware: Google Translate bubble wrap input
The Google Japanese Input Puchi Puchi Version isn’t going to get mass produced, but you could get your hands into an Arduino board…
NuAns NEO Reloaded with Android 7.1 and leaked onto Amazon
The NuAns NEO Reloaded might come to Amazon in a few months with Android Nougat and perhaps more commercial viability for customers.
Kyocera rafre washable smartphone is back, now also resistant to foaming body soap
Kyocera has a second-generation washable smartphone slated for a Japanese launch in March, with both hand and body soap resistance in tow.
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite manga model has room for more than Naruto
If your otaku tendencies have you straining your eyes at digital manga on a bright screen at night, perhaps you might get this e-reader shuttled to you.
Fancy a water-resistant 5.2-inch LG V20? Move to Japan, and get the V34 on AU
Screen size is a matter of preference, but water resistance isn’t, so the LG V34 in Japan looks objectively better than the international LG V20.
Rub a dub dub your Kyocera DIGNO Rafre with soap
Japan is a unique smartphone market in that it has some fairly…