apple watch
This is what the Apple Watch can learn from Android Wear
Apple Watch has an advantage over smartwatches powered by Android Wear: it can learn from Google’s mistakes.
Apple Watch Edition to get Moto-360-like wireless charging stand
Hear why the Apple Watch Edition charging pad sounds a lot like the Moto 360’s wireless charging dock.
Apple Watch Comparison
How the Apple Watch compares to Android Wear and Pebble
The Apple Watch was announced today to much applause and fanfare, but how does it compare to Android Wear, Pebble, and other smartwatches? Let’s find out!
Apple Watch supports wireless charging – sort of
Support for Apple Watch wireless charging is indeed present in Apple’s new smartwatch, but you might not know it from looking.
Apple reveals the Apple Watch, its first smartwatch
Apple has just raised the stakes in the smartwatch game, as it introduces the world to the Apple iWatch.
Here’s how you can tune in to Apple’s iPhone 6 event
The Apple iPhone 6 event live stream is the best way to catch Apple’s hot new announcements in real-time, and we’ve even got you covered if you can’t watch.
Jawbone is working on a Pebble app for activity tracking, Android Wear and iWatch support coming too
We’ve just heard that a Jawbone Pebble app for activity tracking is in the pipeline. Learn when we’re planning to see it, and what exactly it’ll do.
Apple’s Sep 9 event Rumor Roundup: The iPhone 6 is just part of it
Read our full rumor roundup regarding what to expect for Apple’s September 9 event. We hear that the iPhone 6 will just be part of the event.
iWatch leaked schematics reveal some of its design elements
Learn more about the possible design of the iWatch, as we see the first leaked photos of the products schematics, and a leaked housing as well.
Who’s writing apps for the iWatch?
Who’s making iWatch apps? A new account describes a select few devs getting early access to the iWatch SDK.
Apple event invite list hints at iWatch launch
Is Apple’s event guest list our latest iWatch launch evidence? Find out who’s getting invited that has us expecting smartwatch news.
Apple sources warn of “disappointing” iWatch battery life
Apple iWatch battery life may fall short of high expectations; just how disappointing might it be?
iWatch rumors: two devices, flexible display, wireless charging and mobile payments?
Learn more about the new batch of rumors we have regarding the iWatch, now with details on how many devices we’ll get, and what new capabilities it’ll have.
Apple starts counting down towards next week’s event, promises livestream
Apple iPhone 6 event stream confirmed for next Tuesday; what will you see when you tune-in?
Now or never: The future of smartwatches
The future of smartwatches will be determined in the next two weeks. Will they take the world by storm, or become just another accessory?
iWatch manufacturing stages confirm a 2015 launch?
Learn more about current process that the iWatch is reportedly at, and which should delay the launch of the product until 2015. Sad news for this waiting.
Rumors hint various iWatch models priced at $400 or less
Learn more about Apple’s probable launch of the iWatch, which today seems to be farther away than expected, but with a price tag that’s enticing.
Apple’s iWatch announcement could be big tease, with sales delayed until 2015
Even though the wearable could still debut on September 9, Apple iWatch sales might not get underway for another four months or more.
Apple schedules its September event; who wants a new iPhone?
It looks like we finally have a date for the Apple iPhone 6 event, with invites going out for a September 9 announcement.
Apple to announce iPhone 6 models and iWatch on Sep 9?
Learn more about the new rumors that claim that we might see both models of the iPhone 6 and the iWatch announced on September 9.
Smartwatch report suggests big changes are needed for public acceptance
A new report looks at relatively low consumer interest in smartwatches, and suggests what manufacturers have to start doing to turn things around.
Round is the new square: why circular smartwatches captivate us so
Most smartphones and even the current generation of smartwatches are rectangular. Why then do circular smartwatches captivate us? Why do we yearn for round?
Apple’s HealthKit trademark includes watches, sensors and medical devices
Learn more about the recent trademark application that Apple made for HealthKit in both the United States and Europe, and what this means for the iWatch.
More reports claim iWatch delays until December 2014
Learn more about some new reports that claim that we might not see the iWatch until December 2014, as Apple faces more manufacturing issues.
iWatch Concept
How can Apple capitalize on Google’s Android Wear fumble?
Google seemingly dropped the ball with the Android Wear launch. Read how Apple can use this opportunity to make the iWatch beat Android Wear.