Samsung Galaxy Note Fold

Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be the new Galaxy Note?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the posibility of a new fondable Samsung Galaxy Note, the camera in the Galaxy S11 and more

Apple details changes after discontinuing iTunes on macOS

After discontinuing iTunes on the latest version of its desktop OS, macOS Catalina, Apple has published a document explaining the changes.

Pocketnow Daily: Huawei Ban Update: China’s New Blacklist!? (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about China’s new ban to countries that have attacked Huawei, iPhone XIR design and more.

The Apple Card was Steve Job’s ‘iTunes credit card’ idea back in 2004

As it turns out, Apple has been working on an iTunes credit card back in 2004, when Steve Jobs wanted to introduce it to promote music purchases.

Apple and Samsung strike deal to distribute iTunes content on TVs

Smart Samsung TVs will soon get an app that will allow owners to enjoy content purchased on Apple’s iTunes, as well as buy and rent new titles.

Netflix officially cuts off iTunes billing, avoids Apple Tax

Many app publishers lament having to surrender nearly a third of their mobile revenues to Apple and Google. Netflix is no longer one of them.

$85 on eBay for App Store and iTunes gift card worth $100

It’s only so often that Apple users on all platforms get good sales on gift cards. But hey, if you’re quick to get on this deal, you can ride the bull.

Long-awaited iTunes app for Windows 10 has arrived

Finally, Surface Laptop users can sync their iPhones and get software updates for them and just use iTunes. This has been nearly a year in the making.

Hulu no longer charges extra for No Commercials service on iOS and tvOS

All subscribers to Hulu’s No Commercials video streaming plan are now charged the same flat $11.99 monthly fee, including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users.

iTunes app for Windows 10 (and Windows 10 S) delayed indefinitely

The announcement that an iTunes app would be coming to Windows 10 made with the introduction of the Windows 10 S has come to sad trombones.

Online Apple Pay purchases can garner $5 iTunes Gift Cards

With 20 participating online retailers, this means that customers can get $100 in free apps and media in the App and iTunes Stores.

Apple denies it’s killing off iTunes Music Store in 2019

Apple Music is the way to go — it’s streaming and it’s getting the customers. As downloads die down, will the iTunes Music Store go down as well?

Apple unveils long list of 2017 App Store and iTunes bestsellers and editorial selections

The App Store’s most popular 2017 titles are not very surprising, but the editorial choices for the year’s top apps and games could catch you off guard.

App developers take heed: iTunes Connect holiday schedule is out

It’s the publishers’ platform for iOS applications and it takes people to run the place. And those people will get a break for a workweek in December.

Movies Anywhere brings major studios together across all your devices

After three years of Disney exclusivity, the Movies Anywhere digital locker service has expanded to Warner Bros., Fox, Universal and Sony.

iTunes movies may stream in 4K and HDR soon to a new Apple TV

Unfortunately, you can’t download files that have been labeled (by mistake at this premature stage) as “Movie (4K, HDR)”.

Apple’s App Store, iTunes and iBooks now fully support PayPal as standalone payment method

If you’d rather pay for iStuff on iTunes or the App Store using your PayPal balance instead of a credit or debit card, you now can… in Canada and Mexico.

Jay-Z’s “4:44” spreads from TIDAL, but not to Spotify

The world’s largest music streaming platform is left out of the “4:44” party, potentially because of its inclusion of an ad-supported customer tier.

Getting a Surface Laptop? iTunes Windows Store app incoming

Windows 10 S users will need this app if they want to keep the content on their iPhone or iPod synced up. That’s you, Surface Laptop buyers.

Apple holds back on reducing app commissions for iTunes Affiliates

Successful in-app purchase pass-throughs will receive 2.5 cents on the dollar, but app buys still get the old 7 percent rate.

iTunes Affiliates commission dropping from 7% to 2.5% May 1

If you’re up the chain from your app creator or a fringe partner retailer, you’re probably getting less money through that App Store link soon.

iTunes Match begins analyzing waveforms, not just metadata

Part of the debacle that matched Macs’ local music files to the wrong songs and then got the local files deleted has been fixed up.

Spotify frames Apple as anti-competitive in app update fracas

Spotify is claiming that Apple will not publish an update for the music streaming app unless it uses the iTunes billing system and accepts a 30 percent fee.

Apple’s rash of updates include iTunes 12.4 to fix magically deleting songs [UPDATE]

Apple has updates out for Mac, iOS, tvOS, watchOS and iTunes. And iTunes really needs it after the battering Apple Music got because of a bug.

iTunes update incoming to fix issue affecting Apple Music users

Apple is finally addressing a bug that has left Apple Music subscribers bereft of the music on their Macs and has caused trouble in general.