Samsung Galaxy Note Fold
Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be the new Galaxy Note?!(video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the posibility of a new fondable Samsung Galaxy Note, the camera in the Galaxy S11 and more
Apple details changes after discontinuing iTunes on macOS
After discontinuing iTunes on the latest version of its desktop OS, macOS Catalina, Apple has published a document explaining the changes.
Pocketnow Daily: Huawei Ban Update: China’s New Blacklist!? (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about China’s new ban to countries that have attacked Huawei, iPhone XIR design and more.
The Apple Card was Steve Job’s ‘iTunes credit card’ idea back in 2004
As it turns out, Apple has been working on an iTunes credit card back in 2004, when Steve Jobs wanted to introduce it to promote music purchases.
Netflix officially cuts off iTunes billing, avoids Apple Tax
Many app publishers lament having to surrender nearly a third of their mobile revenues to Apple and Google. Netflix is no longer one of them.
$85 on eBay for App Store and iTunes gift card worth $100
It’s only so often that Apple users on all platforms get good sales on gift cards. But hey, if you’re quick to get on this deal, you can ride the bull.
Movies Anywhere brings major studios together across all your devices
After three years of Disney exclusivity, the Movies Anywhere digital locker service has expanded to Warner Bros., Fox, Universal and Sony.
iTunes Match begins analyzing waveforms, not just metadata
Part of the debacle that matched Macs’ local music files to the wrong songs and then got the local files deleted has been fixed up.
Spotify frames Apple as anti-competitive in app update fracas
Spotify is claiming that Apple will not publish an update for the music streaming app unless it uses the iTunes billing system and accepts a 30 percent fee.
iTunes update incoming to fix issue affecting Apple Music users
Apple is finally addressing a bug that has left Apple Music subscribers bereft of the music on their Macs and has caused trouble in general.
Apple Music isn’t deleting your music … and is deleting your music
It’s not about the reports of users’ music being deleted from their Macs after subscribing to Apple Music. It’s the customer dissatisfaction.
The Apple Music deletion conundrum
Posts have been going online about how signing up for Apple Music ends up in users finding their music libraries deleted from their own Macs.
One year in, Apple Music will get an interface refresh at WWDC [UPDATED with specifics]
Apple’s annual developer conference will be the launching pad of Apple Music — again. This time, it will debut a new, maybe less confusing user interface.
Declining iPhone sales: The end for Apple?
Do declining iPhone sales mark the beginning of the end for Apple? How might Cupertino right this course to improve sales?
Beats may be rebranded to Apple Music, and get social in the process
Learn more about Apple’s plans for Beats Music, as today we hear of an Apple Music service in the works as a revamp to what we currently know.
Warner Music: streaming defeats digital downloads for the first time ever
Learn more about the current sales status of music streaming services when compared to music downloads, as Warner Music shocks us with its conference call.
iOS 8.4 may be all about Apple’s new music service
Learn more about how Apple may integrate its Beats Music service with the a probable new version of iOS that may already be on the works.
Dramatic iTunes overhaul expected due to declining music sales
Even though Apple has lead the digital music business for years, we’ve…
Apple releasing iTunes on Android is a brilliant move
Apple releasing iTunes on Android could bring us one step closer to creating a multi-platform entertainment purchasing engine that is very intriguing.
Apple launches iTunes Radio internationally, starting with Australia
Even though iTunes Radio wasn’t exactly what we all expected for Apple…
The iPhone’s awful ancestor – Worst Gadgets Ever, episode 004 (Video)
Before the first iPhone, there was the iTunes phone. It … wasn’t any good. Join us as we re-review this dumpster fire on Pocketnow’s Worst Gadgets Ever!
iTunes Radio isn’t a Spotify killer – but Pandora should probably keep its eye out
Apple’s new iTunes Radio streaming-music app in iOS 7 doesn’t offer much new – but that still might spell doom for Pandora. Read on to see why.