Apple joins forces with Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to help DOJ thwart ISIS

Despite standing up to the FBI on an issue of device encryption, Apple is more than willing to assist the DOJ in fighting terrorists on different grounds.

Softcard mobile payments get an end date; enjoy NFC on Windows Phone while you can

We knew it was coming, and now we’ve finally got a confirmed Softcard end date, after which its NFC payment services will no longer be available.

Softcard confirms plans to kill Windows Phone NFC mobile payment app

The Softcard Windows Phone app only just arrived to give users in the US access to mobile payments last fall, and it’s already being shut down.
Google Wallet

Google Softcard deal will pre-install Wallet on phones from major carriers

The new Google Wallet carrier deal puts an end to animosity with the carriers and Softcard.

Google may be acquiring its old NFC payment rival

Hear why people are talking about a possible Google Softcard acquisition, and why that would be a big step for NFC-based payments on Android.

Windows Phone gets an NFC payment solution with Softcard

Learn how you can get started making Windows Phone NFC payments at retail locations.

Has Isis found the key to mobile payments, and is it as simple as cash back?

Hear about all the ways Isis cash back is available to its users, and see if that might not be enough for the service to triumph over Google Wallet.

Isis mobile payments go nationwide, bringing new Google Wallet competition

Get the details on the nationwide launch of Isis mobile payments for Android smartphones.

What is iBeacon and why you should care

iBeacons enable micro-location and even automated payments protected behind a virtual geo-fences. But what are iBeacons, and will they replace NFC?

NFC smartphone payments get ready for round 2: Isis about to go national

Isis NFC payments ready for nationwide launch; will it beat Google Wallet?
Google Wallet

Is Google Wallet doomed?

I’ve been an advocate of using¬†Google Wallet since I’ve been able to…