No Face ID rival for Galaxy S9, but Samsung could step up its iris recognition game
Samsung may need several more years to replicate Apple’s Face ID magic, but in the meantime, the Galaxy S9 should sport a beefed-up iris scanner.
Bloomberg adds to the growing pile of iPhone 8 with ‘3-D’ face scanner rumors
Instead of using an ill-placed Touch ID fingerprint sensor, Apple’s iPhone 8 could rely exclusively on facial recognition for biometric authentication.
Samsung quickly brushes off Galaxy S8 iris security concerns, though it’s still looking into the ‘issue’
Is the security of iris recognition technology on the Galaxy S8 an “issue”? Probably, although Samsung thinks a hack is difficult to happen in reality.
It’s ridiculously easy to bypass the Galaxy S8’s iris security, using a printed photo and contact lens
There’s no such thing as an infallible, impenetrable biometric authentication system, at least not on the Samsung Galaxy S8.
Facial recognition should eventually go ‘mainstream’, but it may take Samsung several years
You’ll probably have to wait a few more years before securely authorizing mobile payments with your face, at least on Samsung devices.
Samsung reveals iris scanner expansion roadmap with mid-range phones on it
It took Samsung over three years to get Note 7’s iris scanner ready for primetime, and the long-term aim is to also put it on non-flagship phones.