Galaxy Tab S4 firmware shows us how to use Intelligent Scan

Look into the eyes of your Android tablet and what it will see is a way to check to make sure you are who really owns the Tab S4.

Galaxy S10 hoped to have 3D sensor to leave behind iris scanner

Samsung wants to have better biometric security measures come 2019 and it thinks that it can have a dot-projection facial sensor in time.

Two Korean banks start accepting Samsung Pay for transactions

Not just putting cards on the app, but letting customers withdraw money at banks and ATMs with their phones. Iris scanning is the new PIN.

No Face ID rival for Galaxy S9, but Samsung could step up its iris recognition game

Samsung may need several more years to replicate Apple’s Face ID magic, but in the meantime, the Galaxy S9 should sport a beefed-up iris scanner.

Qualcomm lags behind Apple on 3D sensing, says KGI analyst

Apple has a two-year lead on Qualcomm in developing the 3D sensing technology it has… now it only needs to succeed with it.

iPhone 8 won’t ring for notifications if you’re using it

Developers have brought up code that may allow the iPhone 8 to not disturb you while you’re gaming or watching a movie on that phone.

iPhone 8 facial recognition, “Pearl ID,” may authenticate Apple Pay purchases

Within the repositories for the HomePod comes these mentions of “pearl” when it comes to authenticating contactless payments on the iPhone 8.

Touch ID slips off the power button for iPhone 8

Supply chain sources say that the iPhone 8 won’t have a fingerprint sensor on top of a side-mounted power button — it’s on-screen or bust.

Largan will provide glass for 3D scanners, won’t name drop iPhone 8

The Taiwanese manufacturer, which specializes in glasses for mobile cameras, is a noted Apple client, but didn’t mention Apple in this announcement.

Samsung quickly brushes off Galaxy S8 iris security concerns, though it’s still looking into the ‘issue’

Is the security of iris recognition technology on the Galaxy S8 an “issue”? Probably, although Samsung thinks a hack is difficult to happen in reality.

It’s ridiculously easy to bypass the Galaxy S8’s iris security, using a printed photo and contact lens

There’s no such thing as an infallible, impenetrable biometric authentication system, at least not on the Samsung Galaxy S8.
Android Encryption

Security & Privacy: How to Physically Secure Your Phone

A phone that’s physically secure not only offers you an extra layer of protection in terms of privacy and security but also keeps you out of trouble.

iPhone 8 schematics leaked out of Foxconn, wiped from Weibo

It’s not exactly a blueprint. In fact, it’s right up sketchy. But the word is that it comes out of Foxconn and it’s our first idea of what’s up with the 8.

Another evleaks scoop on Galaxy S8+ specs

There will be few specs that will scale between the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+, but the amount of specificity we see here is kinda annoying.

Shady new rumors tackle possible 5-inch iPhone 8, wireless charging, iris scanner, and more

Will the iPhone 8 come in 4.7, 5.5 and 5-inch sizes? Is (inductive) wireless charging support in the cards? Iris recognition? Everything’s possible.

LG G6 could get iris-scanning selfie camera

The Galaxy Note 7 had an iris scanner until it couldn’t be sold anymore. LG could capitalize on the dearth with compact tech in its spring flagship.

Visa Checkout, Masterpass come to Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Microsoft Wallet in 2017

Android Pay will receive both Visa Checkout and Masterpass compatibility while the latter will hitch to Samsung Pay and Microsoft Wallet, too.

A smattering of shady Galaxy S8 specs from Weibo, including a 30-megapixel camera

We cast shade, doubt, fear and undying hope that the numbers we see on this very suspect spec list for the Galaxy S8 be true.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner In Detail: Not a Gimmick

Watch today’s hands-on of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Iris Scanner, as we provide you an “In Detail” look at a feature that’s not a gimmick

Is the Samsung Note 7 iris scanner necessary?

The Samsung Note 7 made its appearance this week and on board…

Samsung reveals iris scanner expansion roadmap with mid-range phones on it

It took Samsung over three years to get Note 7’s iris scanner ready for primetime, and the long-term aim is to also put it on non-flagship phones.

The latest on what to expect from the Galaxy Note 7

It’s only days prior to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Does it carry the torch as the chaebol’s leading edge in mobile?

Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner quick and handy in this video

Its sub-second quick, but how does it actually perform? Will it recognize just the owner’s eyes or someone else’s as well?

That Blue Coral Galaxy Note 7 is more like periwinkle

Evan Blass is back with another visual expose of the Galaxy Note 7. This little leak includes the rumored new “Blue Coral” color.

No Smart Glow on Galaxy Note 7 renders?

These computer-aided design renders have all of what you might expect of the Galaxy Note 7 at this point. An iris scanner, a double-curved screen…