After the iPhone Xr, Apple is planning on making the iPhone 11 in India too

According to a recent report, Apple is aiming to turn India into its key global production hub, with plans to start manufacturing the iPhone 11 there.

Processor throttling is coming to the iPhone XS and XR with iOS 13.1

You are getting processor throttling in your iPhone XS and XR with the latest update of iOS 13.1, that will also solve other bugs in your device
iPhone 11 design

Pocketnow Daily: iPhone XI Names to get BETTER and WORSE? (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possible new names for the iPhone XI, more cameras on future iPads, Huawei Mate 30 specs and more
iPhone XR

iPhones made in India to hit shelves next month, sources claim

iPhones assembled in India, the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xr, made at Foxconn’s local assembly plant, could hit the shelves soon.

Apple to invest $100M in Japan Display, as it shifts over more LCD orders

A report from Japan suggests that Apple is coming to Japan Display’s help, as the company is struggling. Apple will invest $100M.

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iPhone Xr dominates the US and UK smartphone markets

The latest market numbers from CIRP demonstrate how Apple’s iPhone Xr is the smartphone that dominates both the US and UK smartphone markets.

2019 iPhones may come with a larger battery according to Ming-Chi Kuo

We could have larger batteries in all 2019 iPhones according to Ming-Chi Kuo, and he even gives us what he believes is going to be the possible size for each device

Galaxy phone trade-in values worse because iPhones launch earlier

The one thing that we know for sure in the smartphone trade-in market is that the Apple event in September really shakes things up.

Apple won’t give numbers, so CIRP estimates 62 million iPhone sales

If Apple won’t talk about its dropping iPhone sales, than the market will take their guesses. One research firm has given its number and it ain’t pretty.

The ghost of iPhones past, present and future | #PNWeekly 343

Also on our show, Sony’s 52-megapixel smartphone camera, LG’s dual-wielding at MWC 2019 and the tussle with Apple, Google and Facebook this week.

In-Depth: Why did iPhone revenue tumble 15 percent?

A strong US Dollar has caused runaway price hikes in emerging markets that have made the new iPhones unappealing to foreign buyers.

Apple 1Q19 earnings mark first holiday decline since 2000 [U]

The company that has built itself on the iPhone has been undone by the iPhone, at least for this holiday season. Sales in Greater China slumped hard.
iPhone Xr

Another Japanese carrier cutting iPhone XR prices

A discount on new iPhones from the carrier side never really happens, but this year, we’ve seen plenty of it happening, especially for the iPhone XR…

Apple sold more iPhone Xr models than iPhone Xs and Xs Max combined

iPhone Xr sales in the U.S., for the fiscal quarter that ended December 29, 2018, were better than those of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max combined.

Apple is getting ready to start producing flagship iPhones in India

Apple is supposed to be getting ready to move its iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR production out of China to avoid possible tariffs and problems in the future

Bad Apple sales are leaving 50,000 Foxconn contract workers without a job

Apple’s bad iPhone sales are now even affecting Foxconn’s contract workers that are losing their jobs because of production cuts

New Best Buy’s Apple event brings deals on MacBooks, Watches and more

Best Buy may be the place to go if you want to get a new MacBooks Air, MacBook Pro, an Apple Watch Series 3 or a new iPhone

New Apple Smart Battery case available for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr

The new Apple Smart Battery case is available for all three new iPhone models, meaning iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr. It costs $129.

11 million iPhone batteries replaced by Apple in 2018 have hurt iPhone sales

The reason why the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr are not selling as well could be the 11 million iPhone batteries Apple replaced last year.

Taiwan electronics industry failing because of iPhone XS

The National Development Council blamed Apple’s lack of innovation for its declining iPhone sales affecting Taiwan’s manufacturing industry.

Chinese retailers continue to heavily discount iPhone prices

Chinese retailers move to discount iPhone prices even more, and more and more of them, by as much as $178. Read the report!

Apple cutting iPhone production by 10 percent for this quarter

Apple is cutting iPhone production yet again, if this recent report is accurate, this time, by ten percent, for the January-March quarter.

Apple may have found a way to get rid of the notch created by Face ID

Apple may have finally found the way to get rid of the Notch while keeping all the benefits of Face ID, and we could even see bezels disappear