At least one 2018 iPhone X sequel will pack 4GB RAM, according to a new benchmark
A mysterious 2018 iPhone X sequel has been benchmarked under the “iPhone11,2” codename, packing a new ARM-based hexa-core processor and 4GB RAM.
LG reportedly secures 2 to 4 million ‘initial’ orders for 2018 OLED iPhone screens
Apple is expected to split display production between Samsung and LG for one of this year’s two OLED iPhone models.
Apple is 20 percent less confident in the success of its 2018 iPhones than 2017 variants
Apple may want to manufacture around 80 million of those three 2018 iPhones, down 20 percent from the initial production target of the 2017 generation.
CAD-based renders for 6.5-inch 2018 iPhone suggest strong iPhone X resemblance
Following the “so-called budget 6.1-inch iPhone 2018”, the top-of-the-line 6.5-inch 2018 iPhone variant has also received a batch of high-quality, high-confidence 3D renders.
Screen protectors suggest X-inspired iPhone SE 2 redesign, ‘supply chain sources’ say nah
Will the iPhone SE 2 sport an iPhone X-style notch? No one can say for sure, but Chinese screen protector manufacturers seem to think so, while “supply chain sources” tell Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly a different story.
TSMC starts Apple A12 chip production, Samsung not far behind with its own 7nm design
The 7nm-based Apple A12 processor expected to power those three next-gen iPhones in the fall has reportedly entered mass production at TSMC. Meanwhile, Samsung is getting close to manufacturing its own 7nm chip for 2019 flagship Androids.
6.5-inch iPhone X to match 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus size, horizontal Face ID support also coming
That gargantuan 6.5-inch iPhone X (Plus) expected out this fall may not be physically larger than last year’s 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus, while the next-gen 5.8-incher is expected to “use the same body” as the original X.
Samsung could start OLED screen production for iPhone X sequels as early as next month
They say there are two 2018 iPhone X sequels with OLED panels in the pipeline, and Samsung may want to get an early start on their production.
Direct iPhone X sequel could cost $899, larger model going for $999, LCD price tipped at ‘$700+’
Apple may have settled on a three-iPhone 2018 release strategy with a $700+ LCD model, a 5.8-inch iPhone X follow-up priced at $899, and an OLED 6.5-incher fetching $999.
Apple may be planning to launch just one OLED 2018 iPhone, two LCD models and SE 2
Forget everything you thought you knew about Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup, and start reconsidering the possibility of only one next-gen OLED model.
First-gen iPhone X will not get year-on discount, but disappear instead
KGI Securities speculates that Apple will maintain $999 as the “value price” for a brand as prestigious as the iPhone X. This year’s model will not get a discount and will disappear from view.
iPhone X shipment forecasts getting bleaker, 2018 models expected to sell like crazy
It’s not looking good for Apple’s iPhone X, which may end up selling just 18 million units in Q1 2018, and 12 mil in Q2. But its three sequels should do great business.
iPhone X resale value
Sharp and JDI could join Samsung and LG in supplying OLED iPhone panels this year
The OLED iPhone display supply chain is about to get really crowded and competitive, with Sharp and JDI likely to throw their hats in the Samsung-dominated ring soon enough.
Apple plans large LG Innotek investment to ensure stable next-gen Face ID production
The entire next generation of iPhones is widely expected to support Face ID recognition, and Apple has no problem spending large sums of money to help out key supply partners.
TSMC is again the odds-on favorite for the entire Apple A12 SoC’s production
The Apple A12 processor expected to power all three 2018 iPhone X sequels might be built entirely by TSMC after all, with Samsung reportedly out of contention.
LG’s deal with Apple to supply 15 million OLED iPhone X Plus screens is almost finalized
If “industry sources” are to be trusted, LG is probably going to help Samsung produce 6.5-inch OLED panels for a next-gen iPhone X Plus.
2019 iPhones to pack even larger batteries than 2018 generation to handle TrueDepth needs
Apple might be more focused than ever on enhancing battery capacity for 2018, then 2019 iPhones in order to improve endurance and keep up with TrueDepth consumption.
Samsung could earn $20 billion from iPhone X OLED screen supply in 2018 alone
Samsung may not mind the current and future popularity of 2017 and 2018 iPhone X versions, raking in the OLED screen production cash.
All three 2018 iPhone X sequels are tipped to pack larger batteries, starting at 2900mAh
In addition to extra-large screens, next year’s 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5-inch iPhone X sequels are expected to pack significantly bigger batteries.
LG could soon strike deal with Apple to supply OLED panels for a 2018 iPhone X sequel
LG expects to reach some sort of an agreement with Apple in the very near future to produce around 60 million OLED screens for a 2018 iPhone X follow-up.
All signs point to one 2018 iPhone version sticking to LCD screen, metal case also likely
It simply doesn’t make business sense for Apple to prepare a 2018 iPhone lineup comprised of three OLED models, according to more and more reports.