2019 iPhone 11 to use Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note10 OLED panels

According to recent reports, this year’s upcoming iPhone 11 models will allegedly use the same OLED panels made by Samsung for the Galaxy flagships

Apple to hold iPhone 11 event on September 10, 2019?

The most recent iOS 13 beta 7 contains a placeholder image which could hint at the date on which Apple will hold its iPhone event this year.

How about a dark green, possibly matte, iPhone 11 aka iPhone Pro?

In addition to the by now classic black, silver, and gold shades, the 2019 iPhone Pro will also be available in a dark green color, report suggests.
iPhone 11 design

Report: 2019 iPhone 11 to be called iPhone Pro

Apple has done it before, with the iPad Pro, so basically there’s nothing stopping it from naming the next iPhone 11 the iPhone Pro.

$1,200 iPhone 8 is illogical, according to some analysts, with $900 starting price still possible

The starting price of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, aka iPhone Edition, X or Pro, continues to fluctuate between $900 and $1,000 in research notes.

All sources start to point to September 12 hosting Apple’s iPhone 8 event

It’s looking more and more likely that we’ll get to see Apple’s iPhone 8 unveiled in just a couple of weeks, alongside the 7s and 7s Plus.

Firmer sources nail price of iPhone 8 to $999

In a flowery column on why Apple’s mobile consumers are the most loyal consumers, The New York Times revealed its intelligence.

Both the front and rear cameras of the iPhone 8 could get 4K video recording support at 60 fps

This almost sounds too good to be true, but based on newly discovered HomePod firmware hints, iPhone 8 video recording could get a massive upgrade.

HomePod firmware may have also confirmed iPhone 8 wireless charging, ‘SmartCam’ and more

The HomePod firmware revelations just keep coming in, including proper confirmation of iPhone 8 wireless charging and signs of something called SmartCam.

Treasure trove of Apple-leaked iPhone 8 info includes screen resolution, tap to wake, no sign of Touch ID

In addition to the general design language of the fast-approaching iPhone 8, Apple may have directly leaked its screen resolution and Touch ID absence.

A ‘done deal’: This is the final iPhone 8 front design, confirmed by Apple, alongside Face Unlock

Plenty of plausible iPhone 8 renders have been floating around of late, but this sketch comes directly from Apple, along with Face Unlock confirmation.

KGI’s Kuo joins insiders believing ‘significant hardware upgrades’ will lead to iPhone 8 shortage

You can still probably expect Apple’s OLED iPhone 8 to break cover alongside LCD 7s and 7s Plus models in September, but a wide-scale rollout may take time.

Bloomberg confirms many OLED iPhone rumors, leaves plenty of questions unanswered

There’s probably going to be only one OLED iPhone model unveiled this fall, alongside two LCD variants. But there’s still a lot we can’t know for sure.

All three 2017 iPhones tipped to feature 3GB RAM, premium iPhone 8 has trouble with Touch ID

Apple isn’t having an easy time baking a fingerprint scanner directly into the OLED screen of the iPhone 8, but at least we know the 7s will pack 3GB RAM.

Apple rumored to be experiencing iPhone 8 production issues possibly leading to delays

Could the game-changing iPhone 8, aka X, aka Edition or Pro, launch in October or even November? Will Apple suffer if it does?

iPhone 8, aka Pro, tipped for September launch alongside 7s duo, but in limited supply

Apple seems intent on following the tradition of September iPhone releases this year again, but the iPhone 8 might be extremely hard to come by at first.

Factories prep for three iPhone 7 models, including iPhone 7 Pro or Premium

Rumors out of China signal that Apple’s subcontractors are hiring like crazy to fill the needs of a third iPhone 7 model this year, likely called the “Pro”.

More iPhone 7 CAD leaks from January show Smart Connector on Plus

The early-year design stage has been rendered by Taiwanese subcontractor Catcher and has been picked up by Steve Hemmerstoffer of @OnLeaks.

iPhone 7 Plus Smart Connector may not get to be

A Japanese outlet covering Apple is reporting on speculation that the iPhone 7 Plus won’t have the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector.

Apple’s earnings, Nokia smartwatches, Android apps on Chromebooks | Pocketnow Weekly 198

Apple’s earnings fall for the first time since 2003. Also, Google helps developers but Android apps on Chromebooks, but will Android and Chrome ever merge?

Supposed “iPhone Pro” schematic reflects a number of current hardware rumors

Is this new iPhone 7 Plus schematic proof of the changes we’ve already heard rumored, or leading us down the wrong path?

That rumored 5.8-inch iPhone might not be larger than current Plus models, suggests theory

A new theory about the rumored 5.8-inch iPhone suggests how Apple could deliver a bigger display without growing the iPhone Plus.

Apple’s first OLED iPhone might be its biggest yet, with 5.8-inch screen

Will we really see Apple introduce a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone next year or the year after? And will it launch as an “iPhone Pro?”