Apple might still launch a cheaper iPhone for next Spring

Learn more about Apple’s probable plans to still bring a more affordable iPhone next year, even if it doesn’t fall on Apple’s normal update cycle

Now it seems there’s also a 5-inch iPhone in the works

Learn more about a probable 5-inch iPhone in the works, which might be launched along with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus according to a source.

Now it seems the iPhone 6c will happen in Q2/2016

Learn more about the possible launch of an iPhone 6c next year, as it seems that Apple is still interested on a budget-centric model

A metallic iPhone 6c is now rumored for 2016

Learn more about the possibility of an iPhone 6c to see the light of day next year, as things still seem bright for the current iPhone 5s

iPhone mini might be delayed until 2016 because of the iPhone 5s

Learn more about some possible changes to the rumors that claim that we were getting an iPhone mini later this year. It seems the iPhone 5s is still popular

Will There Ever Be An iPhone Mini?

It’s not just that a miniaturized iPhone wouldn’t make sense. Today, the question of whether there will ever be an iPhone Mini isn’t just easy to answer; it’s already been answered. Because it’s already here.