Credit card issuer randomly puts iPhone X Edition name on the table at the eleventh hour [UPDATE]

iPhone X Edition sounds a little too elaborated, even pompous, for Apple’s highly anticipated first OLED handset. But it’s not to be ruled out.

iPhone 8’s Face ID explained and demonstrated

The final version of iOS 11 has been leaked in a “golden master” and now we’re dissecting the software interface and hardware behind “Face ID.”

Steel frame may contribute to iPhone 8 delays through November

One market analyst sees an iPhone 8 that won’t ship until late October or later because of a problem with the metal frame component.

WSJ: Touch ID also damned the iPhone 8 with delays

Apple’s splashiest and most expensive iPhone yet may be on its way… but its developmental has been sluggish all along that way.

The life and times of being Frank. | #PNWeekly 269

They say that Frank. is a phone, but in reality, it’s a company with good and bad faces. We’ve got lessons to learn, so join us on our podcast!

Piper Jaffray runs survey to prognosticate on iPhone 8 upgrade rate in the US

Consumer sentiment surveys are abound and the investment firms are using them to gauge how they’ll play Apple stock ahead of the iPhone 8 launch.

More intelligence favoring iPhone X name over iPhone Edition

We’ve been calling it the iPhone 8, but recently, phone case manufacturers have started calling it the iPhone 8. But this name does make a lot of sense.

$1,200 iPhone 8 is illogical, according to some analysts, with $900 starting price still possible

The starting price of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, aka iPhone Edition, X or Pro, continues to fluctuate between $900 and $1,000 in research notes.

The iPhone 7s is actually the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 will be the iPhone Edition

The iPhone 7s will move up to a full number upgrade while the iPhone Edition will be the model to cost above $1,000, according to accessory OEM sources.

Firmer sources nail price of iPhone 8 to $999

In a flowery column on why Apple’s mobile consumers are the most loyal consumers, The New York Times revealed its intelligence.

Rumors point to iPhone 8 storage options ranging from 64GB to 512GB

There’s a rumor going around Weibo that Samsung and SK Hynix will provide 512GB storage disks for the iPhone 8, or the “iPhone Edition.”

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Sweet new renders envision bezelless iPhone 8, aka X, with sensor bar, iOS 11 and ‘hidden’ Touch ID

Is this real life or merely a dream we don’t want to ever wake up from? It could be a legit iPhone 8 design, but we’ll have to wait and see.

KGI’s Kuo joins insiders believing ‘significant hardware upgrades’ will lead to iPhone 8 shortage

You can still probably expect Apple’s OLED iPhone 8 to break cover alongside LCD 7s and 7s Plus models in September, but a wide-scale rollout may take time.

All three 2017 iPhones tipped to feature 3GB RAM, premium iPhone 8 has trouble with Touch ID

Apple isn’t having an easy time baking a fingerprint scanner directly into the OLED screen of the iPhone 8, but at least we know the 7s will pack 3GB RAM.

Apple rumored to be experiencing iPhone 8 production issues possibly leading to delays

Could the game-changing iPhone 8, aka X, aka Edition or Pro, launch in October or even November? Will Apple suffer if it does?

iPhone 8, aka Pro, tipped for September launch alongside 7s duo, but in limited supply

Apple seems intent on following the tradition of September iPhone releases this year again, but the iPhone 8 might be extremely hard to come by at first.

Many iPhone 8, aka iPhone Edition prototypes still in testing, full OLED transition planned for 2019

The number one iPhone 8 certainty is there are still no certainties. Or at least very few, starting with a name that could be changed to iPhone Edition.