Comprehensive new analyst report claims to reveal every 2018 iPhone secret
One 2018 iPhone could be “aggressively” priced in the “$799 range”, according to Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang, while the refreshed OLED 5.8-incher is expected to look pretty much the same as the X. That 6.5-incher could bring some “slightly unusual” features to the table.
If Face ID ‘fails to impress’, Apple may need to make under-display Touch ID work for 2018 iPhones
Don’t give up on Touch ID fingerprint recognition for next year’s iPhone X sequel just yet, analysts say, especially if Face ID proves unpopular.
Apple wants to reduce reliance on Samsung supply, could even develop its own iPhone OLED screens
iPhone OLED screen production should be a Samsung-only thing this year, but down the line, Apple obviously wants to radically change that.
Samsung is back in contention to split Apple A12 SoC production for 2018 iPhones with TSMC
The A11 isn’t out yet, but we’re already seeing rumors of Apple A12 chip manufacturing. Samsung and TSMC may need to share Cupertino’s 2018 business.
All three versions of Apple’s 2018 iPhone could sport OLED screens, according to insiders
Apple is reportedly taking OLED screen technology way more seriously than you thought, planning to abandon LCDs altogether in 2018 iPhones.
Apple has indeed been working on its own iPhone GPU design, and Imagination isn’t happy
Longtime Apple partner and PowerVR GPU maker Imagination Technologies has confirmed future iPhones may pack in-house graphics processing units.
Analyst predicts LTE-capable Apple Watch Series 3, no Lightning change on iPhone 8
This year’s third-gen Apple Watch is expected to adopt standalone LTE, while 2018 iPhones may mix the best of Lightning and USB Type-C technologies.
Sharp invests big in production line possibly for the iPhone OLED screen
Sharp could possibly manufacture iPhone OLED screen components as the Foxconn-owned company is preparing to invest big in OLED production line.
Betting the iPhone chips: Intel wants TSMC’s contracts by 2019
Industry sources say that Intel could be on a roll with its ARM-based chipsets. So much so, it may be even possible to get them in iPhones as early as 2018.