iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8
The best value for an iPhone in 2018
We found the best value iPhone in 2018! We looked at the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus. Check out our conclusion!
iPhone 8’s Face ID explained and demonstrated
The final version of iOS 11 has been leaked in a “golden master” and now we’re dissecting the software interface and hardware behind “Face ID.”
If you enjoy components porn, this post about the iPhone 7s is for you
If you live for pictures of logic boards and silicon, — not silicone — then we have something more exciting than the pants on fire iPhone 8 speculation.
An iPhone 7 case might not fit an iPhone 7s
If you had an iPhone 6s, you could easily upgrade to the iPhone 7 and keep the case you had. But if you’re going up to an iPhone 7s, prepare to change.
KGI moves up iPhone 8 production expectations, puts three colors on the table
And as to the colors for the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, we could see just three colors in production versus the five for the iPhone 7.
Shmisappointment: iPhone 8 supercycle will eventually happen, Morgan Stanley says
Owners of the iPhone 6, iPhone, perhaps even the iPhone 4 will be jumping to the iPhone 8, getting a meaningful dose of substantive new tech.
Will the iPhone 8 support T-Mobile’s 600MHz frequencies?
There’s a remote possibility that Apple fans may go without the best possible speeds that T-Mobile can provide this fall.
How the iPhone 8 ruined the Huawei P10 for memory freaks
Apple is throwing its weight around by commanding a lot of production capacity for memory chips, leaving the competition in jitters.
Making the BlackBerry KEYone cool to normals | #PNWeekly 251
On this week’s show, we talk with Stephen Schenck about unmatched stamina, a clicky keyboard and the public relevance factor for the BlackBerry KEYone.
Snapdragon 835 in trouble along with Apple A11, Helio X30, Exynos 8895
All of these chipsets that will be in smartphones from every big name manufacturer this year use a 10nm fabrication that hasn’t worked out at factories.
KGI analyst sees 5.2-inch iPhone 8 display, indicative of 4.7-inch form factor [UPDATE]
Rumors have split between the iPhone 8 having a 5.8-inch wraparound OLED screen and an iPhone with a 5-inch form factor. Maybe this is the both of them.
Apple moves yet another step closer to borderless iPhone 8 with new patent
Apple is constantly looking at ways to make the iPhone 8 special, including by integrating light sensors directly into its display.
Apple EarPods with active noise cancelling could ship with iPhone 7s
A new report suggests that while the move to Lightning-based headphones will happen with the iPhone 7, noise-cancelling EarPods won’t land until 2017.