Russian regulatory docs see iOS 10, watchOS 2 hardware, AirPods
Sure, any regulator can check out the iPhone 7 (or 6SE) and the Apple Watch 2, but some wireless EarPods? From Apple? This headphone jack thing is serious.
Vodafone Netherlands provides further iPhone 7 name corroboration
It’s probably time to put all branding speculation to rest. The iPhone 7, not 6SE, is most likely coming on September 7, despite its minor upgrades.
Weibo thinks iPhone 7 camera sensor is bigger than iPhone 7 Plus’s
A 1/2.6-inch sensor on the iPhone 7 will look to beat out the iPhone 7 Plus’s 1/3-inch sensor(s). Will it tip the scales or can dual cameras win over?
Redesigned 2017 iPhone yet again rumored to drop home button altogether
Following a 2016 generation expected to sport a pressure-sensitive, non-physical home button, the redesigned 2017 iPhone could go to the next level.
Steve Wozniak suggests iPhone 7’s headphone jack exclusion would be a mistake
The always outspoken Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak isn’t a fan of Bluetooth earphones, and would like it if the iPhone 7 still featured a 3.5mm jack.
Taiwan industry to Apple: prices go down this far, no further
Taiwanese outlet Digitimes is reporting that Apple’s typical contractors for iPhone components are not budging from their price offers.
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are still the likeliest names of this year’s iPhone 6s/6s Plus upgrades
They may not be technically worthy of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus monikers, but next month’s new iOS devices would confuse many if dubbed 6SE.
Rumors affirm expectations of radically changed bottom of iPhone 7
We talk about speaker grilles not being speaker grilles and a new home button that won’t be a button? What’s the deal with that?
Gold iPhone 7 Plus leaked out with no Smart Connector pins
In the thousandth or so leak of the metal casings that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will supposedly have, we do not find four important pins.
iPhone 7 (6SE?) rumored to adopt pressure-sensitive home button… again
Is it iPhone 7 or 6SE? That might just be the only question left unanswered here, with capacitive home button and dual rear camera rumors reaffirmed.
Wireless EarPods have been years in the making for Apple, source says
We aren’t sure when or if the wireless EarPods are coming out — though this news coming a month before the iPhone 7’s launch shouldn’t be a coincidence.
iPhone 7 Plus leaked in video, another one shows Lightning EarPods
Unbox Therapy has the iPhone 7 Plus in what could be the Space Blue color in contention to replace Space Gray. MobileFun has the new EarPods.
These might just be the first leaked snapshots of a working iPhone 7 prototype
iPhone 7 or iPhone 6SE? No matter how Apple intends to call it, the 6s sequel appears to have finally been photographed in the flesh.
Taiwanese industry sources expect 3GB RAM iPhones
Which ones? We don’t know. The iPhone 7 (or iPhone 6SE) may get more RAM. It may not. The Plus more likely might get it. Rumors are rumors.
iPhone 7 Lightning adapter for headphones seemingly found in Vietnam
A Vietnamese site claims it grabbed an adapter from a local Foxconn factory. And it certainly look’s like Apple’s part. Ready to face the Lightning?
Second-gen Apple Watch still due out this year, likely alongside iPhone 7 in September
Despite ominous recent silence on the second-generation Apple Watch rumor front, the new iOS-supporting wearable piece should still see daylight this fall.
Wild rumor of the day: Apple iPhone 6SE, not iPhone 7, coming this fall
It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Apple will launch the iPhone 7 in 2017, and a familiar-looking iPhone 6SE duo by the end of 2016.