Huawei projected to enjoy highest smartphone sales growth in 2016 among top five brands
Apple’s iPhone shipment numbers should drop in 2016 compared to 2015, Samsung’s figures may stay flat, while Huawei will likely rise to 120 million units.
Latest iPhone 5se hardware rumors paint the picture of a much more capable handset
Forget all that A8-talk: the latest iPhone 5se hardware rumors suggest the phone will run the more capable A9 chip – and also get a 64GB edition.
This may just be our first real look at the iPhone 5se (not 6c) next to the iPhone 5
The oft-rumored 4-inch low-cost new iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5se, 5e or 6c, is allegedly pictured alongside a “classic” iPhone 5.
Four-inch iPhone name-roulette continues: how about iPhone 5se?
Will Apple’s rumored new four-inch iPhone launch under the iPhone 5se name? So say the latest rumors, while also looking into the phone’s hardware.
First year-on-year iPhone sales decline ever tipped for Q1 2016, return to growth expected in Q3
iPhone sales may have reached their peak in Q4 2015, following a downward trajectory in Q1 and Q2 2016, and marginally recovering in Q3 and Q4 2016.
Latest rumor changes iPhone 6c name to iPhone 5e, Apple Pay and A8 chip in tow
The oft-rumored 4-inch Apple iPhone 6c could ultimately go official as the iPhone 5e, priced at a preposterous $500 with 1GB RAM and A8 processing power.
iPhone 6c renders envision iPod Touch-inspired colors, sleek aluminum build
Here’s how the Apple iPhone 6c might look, if recent rumors of iPod Touch and iPhone 6s-inspired paint jobs, as well as construction rumors pan out.
Foxconn source: iPhone 6c/7c hits mass production next month
Not tiny, fun-sized! Even though the small phones are already way out of…
Did a Chinese carrier just confirm the new four-inch iPhone for April?
Does this info from China Mobile really reveal Apple’s plans for the iPhone 6C release date?
Second-gen Apple Watch tipped to launch in March (maybe alongside iPhone 6C)
With the wearable’s one-year anniversary looming, rumors look to a possible Apple Watch 2 launch event in March 2016.
Survey reveals one-fifth of shoppers still want a smaller, four-inch smartphone
A surprising fraction of US shoppers are still interested in a four-inch smartphone, bucking the phablet-heavy market trend.
What if the rumored iPhone 6C is actually the iPhone 7C?
What if the rumored “iPhone 6C” ultimately ends up going with the iPhone 7C name – and isn’t here until late Q3 2016?
Apple iPhone 6C rumors lean back towards more powerful hardware, earlier launch
Forget those underpowered A8-chip theories; the latest Apple iPhone 6C rumors say the phone will run the more capable A9.
Industry sources says to expect the iPhone 6c for February
The few people left that are holding onto their iPhone 5s or…
4-inch Apple iPhone 6c gets another ETA from a reputable source: mid-2016
Don’t start counting the days until the metallic 4-inch iPhone 6c is released just yet, as Apple could hold off for seven to eight more months.
4-inch new metal iPhone expected in H1 2016, iPhone 7 Plus rumored with 3GB RAM
At least three new iPhone models are tipped for 2016 launches, including an iPhone 7 Plus with 3GB RAM in tow and mystery 4-inch metal flavor.
All-metal 4-inch iPhone 6c envisioned alongside iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
Check out how a reputable designer thinks a prospective 4-inch metallic iPhone 6c might look when posing for a family portrait.
Now it seems there’s also a 5-inch iPhone in the works
Learn more about a probable 5-inch iPhone in the works, which might be launched along with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus according to a source.
iPhone 6c might be unveiled next month, together with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
This latest report/leak from Evan Blass hints that the controversial iPhone 6c might happen concurrently with the 6s and 6s Plus next month.
Sony Xperia Z3 review
Everybody wants a Sony camera in their phone, but there’s not enough to go around
Is prep-work for the rumored iPhone 6C responsible for a Sony smartphone camera shortage?
Are we already getting a look at the iPhone 6C?
Take a look at some possible early iPhone 6C pics, and see what they have in common (and what they don’t) with the old iPhone 5C.
Apple planning most diverse year of iPhones yet? Three new models rumored
Will we see a new four-inch iPhone alongside the expected iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus? A new rumor sure seems to think so.