Apple’s spring hardware event: how to watch live
In just a few hours you can watch the Apple event stream live on own device.
Evidence piles up in support of iPhone SE name, 16GB storage option
Apple’s oft-rumored and highly anticipated new 4-incher is almost certainly named iPhone SE, and will offer 16GB storage as standard.
Apple schedules long-rumored March event: bring on the new hardware
Apple finally shares the date for the long-rumored Apple March event – are you ready for the return of the four-inch iPhone?
iPhone SE case renders reiterate multitude of probable 5s design similarities
Based on newly leaked renders of Spigen cases designed for the upcoming iPhone SE, the 4-incher will look essentially identical to the iPhone 5s.
Apple’s new four-inch smartphone could launch as the iPhone SE – no number at all
Rather than the iPhone 5se, the latest rumors suggest Apple’s new four-inch smartphone could instead be called the iPhone SE.
Apple iPhone 5se sketches support strong 5s family resemblance theory
The oft-rumored Apple iPhone 5se is back in the spotlight, courtesy of leaked drawings suggesting an almost identical appearance to the 5s.
Apple iPad Air 3, iPhone 5se hardware rumors pick up new support for SoC choice
Apple’s March event could be just weeks away, and new Apple hardware rumors discuss just what processors to expect from the new devices.
Apple pulls out iPhone 4s and 5c from India retail to boost local profitability
It had to happen someday – the ancient iPhone 4s and 5c are no longer available in India, as Apple wants to make more money off every handheld sold.
Apple looking on-track for Indian retail store plan approval
Approval for Apple Indian retail stores is likely to go through soon, as we get ready for the company to target the nation’s huge user base.
Apple March event rumors zero in on specific date
Rumors of an Apple March event date have just gotten a lot more specific, with the latest sources pointing to a March 15 announcement.
Apple’s rumored March event is sounding crowded: iPad Air 3, Apple Watch, and iPhone 5se
An Apple iPad Air 3 launch announcement is now expected to be part of the busy-sounding March event already tipped to bring new iPhone, Apple Watch HW.
Huawei projected to enjoy highest smartphone sales growth in 2016 among top five brands
Apple’s iPhone shipment numbers should drop in 2016 compared to 2015, Samsung’s figures may stay flat, while Huawei will likely rise to 120 million units.
Latest iPhone 5se hardware rumors paint the picture of a much more capable handset
Forget all that A8-talk: the latest iPhone 5se hardware rumors suggest the phone will run the more capable A9 chip – and also get a 64GB edition.
iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 again tipped for H1 2016 launches, but little success
Apple should probably keep its iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 sales expectations reasonably low, as the two may lack the wow factor to succeed in H1 2016.
This may just be our first real look at the iPhone 5se (not 6c) next to the iPhone 5
The oft-rumored 4-inch low-cost new iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5se, 5e or 6c, is allegedly pictured alongside a “classic” iPhone 5.
Four-inch iPhone name-roulette continues: how about iPhone 5se?
Will Apple’s rumored new four-inch iPhone launch under the iPhone 5se name? So say the latest rumors, while also looking into the phone’s hardware.