The new Galaxy S11 lineup could be more of the same from Samsung
The new Samsung Galaxy S11 may be just like previous versions of the Galaxy series, while the new iPhone may come to impress with a new design
iPhone 5 update
iPhone 5 owner? Update your iOS if you want to keep using your phone
Apple is warning iPhone 5 users to update their iOS, or else, risk losing important functionalities on their phones. Read to find out more!
Bring Your Own iPhone to Xfinity Mobile now, more phones soon
Comcast’s cellular service is now ready to accept your old iPhone from another carrier, as long as it is not from one certain carrier.
T-Mobile iPhone trade-in promo can get you the latest for only $100
If you have an old iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you’re at best advantage to trade up to the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. iPhone 5 owners have options, too.
Apple introduces Trade Up With Installments, its iPhone trade-in program
Customers can head over to an Apple Store, trade in their Android, Windows or old iPhone and get credit if they want to finance their new iPhone.
iPhone 6 Plus size comparison with everyday items (Video)
Its display measures 5.5-inches from corner to corner, but just how big is the iPhone 6 Plus? Watch our iPhone 6 Plus size comparison to find out!
Ultrakam allows you to record 2K video on your iPhone
For those of you that thought that 1080p video would be dead…
What would Steve Jobs say about the iPhone 5S and 5C?
As we were all preparing for today’s live coverage of Apple’s iPhone…
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Are you looking for wireless charging for your iPhone 5? Look no further! Read our review of the ZENS Flip Case for iPhone 5!
All T-Mobile iPhone 5 Options Get Priced
Learn what T-Mobile will charge for its 32Gb and 64GB iPhone 5s, and where you can buy them.
UltraPixel vs Megapixel: HTC One & iPhone 5 Camera Shoot-Out
Ultrapixel versus Megapixel. HTC decided to go with a combination of lower overall image size but larger pixels on its sensor. Is it enough when compared to the Apple iPhone 5? Check it out!
How to Unjailbreak Your iPhone
If you recently jailbroke your iPhone or iPad and later decided you wish you hadn’t, there’s nothing to worry about. In this video, Taylor shows how to unjailbreak your iPhone without losing your data!
Five Things You Should Immediately Do After Jailbreaking (Video)
Cydia is packed to the brim with cool mods and tweaks. Taylor goes over the first five things you should do after jailbraking for anyone with a freshly jailbroken device and no idea where to begin.
iPhone 5 Durability Report (Video)
It’s been over four months since we’ve reviewed the iPhone 5. Since…
Apple’s Creative Destruction: Get Used to it
Read about how Apple has always been into creative destruction and guess what’s next on their chopping block.
The Lightning Connector Represents Everything Wrong With Apple
Read the case for why Apple’s new Lightning connector is an awful, anti-consumer move and brings out the worst of how Apple controls the iOS ecosystem.
Facebook Messenger Brings iPhone 5, iOS 6 Support, Alongside New Features
Facebook has updated its Messenger application to support the iPhone 5 as well as iOS 6, alongside other new features, fixes and improvements.
iPhone 5 Review
Read our full review of the iPhone 5, complete with camera test shots, specifications, and a software tour
iPhone 5 On-Screen Keyboard Showing “Static Lines” Display Corruption
See the display corruption issue that’s plaguing the new iPhone 5.
iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S (Video)
Check out our head-to-head comparison of the iPhone 5 vs. the iPhone 4S!
iPhone 5 Durability Tests: How Does It Hold Up?
See how well the new iPhone 5 resists taking-on damage.
Yes, You Can Cut a microSIM Into the nanoSIM Size (Video)
Here’s a tutorial on how to cut your microSIM into the new nanoSIM shape for your iPhone 5 or other phone
Samsung Outs iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S III Ad Poster, Guess Who Wins? Update: Apple Fans Respond
Samsung prepares its Galaxy S III ad campaign against the iPhone 5. Check it out now!
iPhone 5 Pre Orders Selling Out, LG-Qualcomm Event Details & More – Pocketnow Daily
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The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 009
An iPhone 5, a new family of Nokia Lumias, and a triad of fresh Motorola Droid RAZRs. No, it’s not your wish list; it’s episode 009 of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast. Put your ears on it … right now.