iPhone and Android cameras don’t care for Vic Gundotra | #PNWeekly 264
Are Android phone camera experiences really “years behind” the iPhone experience? That’s what one former executive Googler said. We dive in on our show.
Apple can’t convince judge to dismiss class action lawsuit alleging intentional FaceTime crippling
That FaceTime-related class action lawsuit is getting serious, as Apple fails to win over judge in attempt to relinquish all accusations of wrongdoing.
An all-glass iPhone in 2017, as sold by KGI
No more ceramic. No more plastic. And certainly no more aluminium. It’s going to be all-glass for Apple come 2017, at least according to an analyst.
Apple introduces Trade Up With Installments, its iPhone trade-in program
Customers can head over to an Apple Store, trade in their Android, Windows or old iPhone and get credit if they want to finance their new iPhone.
With the iPhone 6, Apple has become a ‘me, too’ company
Is the iPhone 6 an indicator of a lack of Apple innovation? Read why the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch make Apple feel like a “me, too” company.
An untethered Jailbreak reaches iOS 7.1.1 (video)
Even though we’re just a couple of weeks away from Apple’s probable…
Pocketnow Week in Review: week 6 news recap of 2014
Check out the Pocketnow Week in Review for the week 6 news recap of 2014, to see the most interesting, popular, and exciting topics of the week.
Free Nokia Lumia 1020 or 1520 from Microsoft if you trade in your old Apple iPhone or Galaxy S II
You can get a free Nokia Lumia 1020 or 1520 from Microsoft if you trade in your old Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone, though there are some conditions.
Hey Apple, Your Fans Are Becoming Complacent
It’s no secret that iOS is aging poorly. It’s been ages since the operating system received a truly inspirational and innovative update. Can this be blamed on the complacency of iOS users and fans?
Five Things You Should Immediately Do After Jailbreaking (Video)
Cydia is packed to the brim with cool mods and tweaks. Taylor goes over the first five things you should do after jailbraking for anyone with a freshly jailbroken device and no idea where to begin.
You Got An iPhone For Christmas: Read This To Start Off Right
“Welcome to the Dark Side”. I’m sure you’ve already pulled your shiny…
The Glass-Backed Phone: Ever A Good Idea?
Read why we think that glass backs on smartphones may not be the great idea manufacturers seem to believe it is.
Google Maps for iOS 6 Hinted By Leaked, Blurry Images
Blurry images claim dedicated Google Maps app for iOS 6 is in the works.
Five Disappointments Of iOS 6
There’s a lot to celebrate about iOS 6. Brandon’s recent editorial highlights…
Virgin Next To Join The Super-Cheap Prepaid iPhone Party?
Virgin may start offering the iPhone with its prepaid plans as soon as next month.
Frustrations Of An iOS User
The only thing that doesn’t frustrate me about iOS is that if Apple is reading this and decides to fix some of the things in their next OS upgrade, I won’t need to buy a new phone, or wait for my carrier to have mercy on me to enjoy it.
Why People Love iOS
As we’ve dug deep into sharing why we believe that people love Android and Windows Phone, it’s time to give iOS some credit, because it’s really the software that’s made the iPhone a smartphone for the rest of us. Why?
Pod2g Shares News Of Work On Untethered iOS 5.1 Jailbreak
Earlier this week, we got some good news from pod2g about his…
Nokia ‘Smartphone Beta Test’ Campaign Targets Competitor
Chris Weber, President of Nokia Inc. North America, has received lots of…
iReview: 5-Inch Apple Retina Display Rumored, Read Our New iPad Review and More
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Front Facing Cameras – Feature or Fruitless?
A large number of smartphone enthusiasts seem to be relatively sour at…
Samsunged Effective Ad Campaign or Inoperative Slander
While both the latest Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices depend on…
Gameloft Valentine’s Day Sale Has iPhone & iPad Games At $0.99
I’m sure you’re not planning on just giving your significant other a…
Motorola Wins Injunction Against iCloud, Apple Removing Products
There are two rather important bits today regarding the world of Android…
In Praise of the iPhone and iOS
How well do you remember the smartphone back in 2006? Chances are…