Let’s hope the Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t burn up | #PNWeekly 309

Are we finally ready for a bigger battery on a Galaxy Note phone? Do you want a 9-year-old iPhone for kicks? And we have gripes to tell you about!

SK Telink will sell iPhone 3GS later this month

The South Korean carrier recently unearthed a whole crate of iPhone 3GS devices that never got sold. They’re now $40 apiece.

Apple sounds warning: older iPhone charger safety risk

Is your charger part of the new iPhone charger recall? If you’ve got a 3GS, 4, or 4S and a European-style charger, you’ll want to check this out.

Top 5 Reasons To Jailbreak iOS 6 (Video)

To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak, that’s the question we’ve received everywhere…

How To Jailbreak Your iPhone on iOS 6 with Evasi0n

First we showed you how to get it done on the iPad,…

Google Releases Stand-Alone iPhone YouTube App

Google has released its own, stand-alone YouTube app for iOS on the iPhone.

AT&T Online Tool Makes iPhone Unlocks Easier Than Ever

Find out how to easily request an AT&T carrier unlock for your iPhone straight from your browser.

8GB iPhone 4S To Be Introduced Alongside iPhone 5? 3GS Being Put Out To Pasture?

Learn what the new iPhone 5 could mean for the rest of Apple’s iPhone lineup.

Apple Brings A Little Extra Functionality To The iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS will now be getting support for shared Photo Streams and VIP mail features in iOS 6.

Gmail for iOS Finally Updated With Welcome Features

There are quite a lot of people who like to combine the…

Dropbox For iOS Updated, Takes a Swing At Photo Stream

Dropbox for Android was already able to upload camera pictures to your account but now, with the same functionality coming to iOS, Photo Stream is getting some steam.

Apple Kicking Off “App of the Week” With Free Downloads?

It looks like those who prefer Apple’s products will also benefit from a free app, weekly though, or at least that’s what we think (hope) after seeing one of App Store’s tweets.

Frustrations Of An iOS User

The only thing that doesn’t frustrate me about iOS is that if Apple is reading this and decides to fix some of the things in their next OS upgrade, I won’t need to buy a new phone, or wait for my carrier to have mercy on me to enjoy it.

Got a Facebook Page? Manage It From Your iPhone

Got a Facebook Page? Manage It From Your iPhone! Last week we told you that the lucky folks in Canada are able to download Facebook Pages Manager for iPhone from the iTunes App Store. Now it’s time for some U.S. software market love.

Upcoming iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak Compatibility List Grows

The forthcoming pod2g iOS jailbreak should support everything but the latest Apple TV.

Sprint: At Least $100 Credit For Your iPhone Towards a New iPhone 4S

according to the leaked document pictured above, Sprint will start offering iPhone trade-in credit given you grab the latest iPhone 4S. The program should kick off today and run through June 30; it should address both new and existing customers, given you sign a two-year contract and add a new line.

Why People Love iOS

As we’ve dug deep into sharing why we believe that people love Android and Windows Phone, it’s time to give iOS some credit, because it’s really the software that’s made the iPhone a smartphone for the rest of us. Why?

What’s The Latest Status On pod2g’s Upcoming iOS 5.1 Jailbreak?

So far, May has seen swift progress towards the release of a…

Skype for iPhone Updated WIth New Features, UI Improvements

Skype is an excellent way to keep in touch with your friends,…

AT&T Finally Gets Ready to Start Unlocking Off-Contract iPhones

Subsidized smartphone prices represent a deal struck between consumers and the carriers:…

iReview: 5-Inch Apple Retina Display Rumored, Read Our New iPad Review and More

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Apple Updates iTunes, Version 10.6.1 Ready To Download

Regardless if you are using a PC or a Mac, if you…

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Apple Releases iOS 5.1 Today with Siri Speaking Japanese

Apple’s March 7th event is currently rolling and we thought you’d like…

Apple Discusses Cash Balance On Today’s Conference Call

Apple has a conference call scheduled for today, March 19, 2012 starting…