iPhone 12 release date
Best iPhone 12 Deals – Where to buythe iPhone 12 series
Take a look at some of the best choices you have if you’re interested in getting a new iPhone 12, a 12 mini, or the higher end variants
Get a new iPhone 11 for $300, and up to $800 discounts on the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21
Take a look at some of the best smartphone and smart TV deals that come from AT&T and Amazon, where we find the iPhone 11 and more on sale
Samsung galaxy Z fold 2
Pocketnow Daily: Get Ready: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Launching EARLY! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3, new Android features, and more.
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Get iPhone 12 BOGO deals, and other iPhone models for free at Verizon
Check out the latest iPhone 12 BOGO deals currently available at Verizon, where you can also get savings on the iPhone 11 Pro and more
Apple and Samsung managed to grow in Q4 2020 despite smartphone market 6% YoY decline
Information from Counterpoint Research shows how the iPhone 12 and the Galaxy S20 FE helped Apple and Samsung avoid losses in Q4 2020
iPhone 12
iPhone 13 Pro could have a 1TB storage variant
As of now, the internal storage capacity is capped at 512GB in the Pro models.
iPhone 12 medical devices pocketnow
Apple advises against keeping iPhone 12 close to medical devices like pacemakers
Apple suggests keeping iPhone 12 series phones 6 inches (or at least 15cm) apart from medical implant devices such as pacemakers.
Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Apple iPhone 12: making Apple look bad? (video)
Bottom line, the Samsung Galaxy S21 wins. Those in the market for the best bang for the buck modern flagship, this is it, not the iPhone 12.
Galaxy S21 vs iPhone 12
Galaxy S21 vs iPhone 12: Which should you buy?
The Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 lie in the same price segment. Hence, here is a Galaxy S21 vs iPhone 12 comparison.
iPhone 11 Pro cameras pocketnow
Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 13? More Like iPhone 12S! (New Leaks) (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about new iPhone 13 rumors, a possible under display camera in the Galaxy Note 21, and more.
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Apple’s iPhone 12 sales did great, but not thanks to the 12 mini
A new report shows that the iPhone 12 mini wasn’t as popular as Apple had expected, and sales numbers could be there to prove it
iPhones dominate US smartphone activations on Christmas Day 2020
Take a look at the latest report that shows us how iPhones were the most activated smartphones during Christmas Day 2020
Galaxy Note20 Ultra vs Galaxy S20 Ultra
Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy S21 Leaks: S Pen CONFIRMED? (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S21 with S Pen support, Samsung’s upcoming foldable phones, and more.
Best iPhone 12 camera Lens Protectors
Best iPhone 12 camera Lens Protectors
iPhone 12 uses sapphire glass to protect the camera lenses, but why take a chance? Pick one from these best iPhone 12 camera lens protectors.
iPhone 12 battery cases
Best Battery Cases for iPhone 12
Tired of searching for a power outlet every now and then? Choose one from our selection of the best battery cases for iPhone 12.
Best thin cases for the iPhone 12
Best thin cases for the iPhone 12
So, you finally got convinced to put your iPhone 12 in a cover? We’ll make it easy for you with our list of best thin cases for the iPhone 12
iOS 14 App Library
iOS 14 App Library: How does the new home screen on the iPhone 12 work?
The iOS 14 App Library is essentially a new space that automatically organizes your apps in a simple way to navigate.
Top 5 features of the iPhone 12, Mini, Pro, and Pro Max
Puzzled whether the iPhone 12 quartet is the right upgrade? We analyse the top five iPhone 12 features to see if it’s worth the extra money!
Best headphones for the iPhone 12
Best Headphones for the iPhone 12 – find your EarPods replacements today!
Apple made a decision to remove the charging adapter from the retail…
iPhone 12 power adapters
Best Power Adapters for the iPhone 12 series
You won’t find a charger in iPhone 12 series’ retail package, unfortunately. But here are the best power adapters for the iPhone 12 series.
iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11
iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 – which one should you buy?
In two minds regarding the iPhone 12 and its predecessor? Read this iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 comparison for some clarity before burning cash.
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Pocketnow Daily: Wait, Apple is Launching Something NEXT WEEK? (video)
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Best iPhone 12 screen protectors
iPhone 12’s display comes with Ceramic Shield protection, but why take a chance? Choose from our list of best iPhone 12 screen protectors.
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What’s the latest iPhone and which one should I buy?
Wondering what’s the latest iPhone to buy this holiday season? Here’s everything to know, from names and price to the upgrades on the table.
iPhone 12 battery drain
iPhone 12 series plagued with significant battery drain in standby issue
Not all new iPhone 12 units are affected by the issue.