2018 iPad Pro deals at B&H Photo go up to $100 off
If you want to save some cash on that big iPad Pro splash, you might be left to sift through links all by yourself! But we have them for you right here!
Apple isn’t bundling new iPad Pro with headphone jack dongle
With the shift from Lightning to USB-C, Apple has decided that its customers who are already paying more than $799 for a tablet can pay more for a dongle.
G’day, Huawei Mate 20 Pro! | #PNWeekly 328+
Huawei has put out four variants of its latest flagship smartphone, the Mate 20! Plus, a non-Wear OS smartwatch and some new peripherals!
OnePlus 6T event rescheduled for October 29
After Apple announced it would be holding an event in New York on the same day that OnePlus would be holding one in the same city… a move had to happen.
October 30 also date of Apple’s Mac and iPad Pro event
New iPad Pro models are expected to show up in Brooklyn at the end of the month as well as a few new Macs. Maybe even a wireless charging pad?