watchOS 3, iOS 10 released, but take your time with it
It’s September 13 and that means Apple has released iOS 10 out to the public. We suggest you sit it out and wait for the servers to clear out.
iOS 10 overtime: uninstalling default apps, device compatibility
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AT&T tries to move Samsung Galaxy phones with free Gear S2 deal
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Apple iPad Air 2: is it too thin?
Is the iPad Air 2 too thin? Apple says it’s the thinnest tablet in the world. Learn why we’re skeptical of Apple’s ultra thin and lightweight devices.
New iPads might be ready for a launch earlier than usual
Learn more about the possible launch date of Apple’s new iPad lineup, as reports claim that the tablet is already shipping in mass quantities.
Apple starts selling refurbed Retina iPad mini, Motorola discounts accessories
Learn about the start of sales for the refurbed Retina iPad mini, and about Motorola’s 30% of accessory deal.
New iPad mini display finds criticism over subpar color reproduction
See the issue with new iPad mini display quality that’s making it not quite live up to the promise of its larger cousin.
The next iPads: where do we go from here?
Read about some of the long-shot ideas we’re hoping might pop-up in Apple’s 2014 iPads.
Nexus versus iPad Mini is no debate at all
There’s something I don’t understand. I mean, I’m a smart guy. Not…
Pocketnow Live S02E03: Apple iPads and Nokia Lumias
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Pocketnow Weekly 067: iPad Air, Lumia 1520, and corporate trollery galore
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Five things we love about the new iPads
Apple’s new tablets are almost here, and there’s an awful lot to like. From slimmer size to stunning specs, here’s our 5 favorite features of the new iPads.
iPad mini with Retina Display vs Nexus 7: which should you buy?
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Would you buy a plastic iPad? (Poll)
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Apple announces iPad Air
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Apple iPad 5 & iPad mini 2 rumor roundup
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iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display first impressions
It’s amazing how, a little over three years ago, nobody cared about…
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iPad mini 2 hands-on measurements cast doubt on Retina display
Check out the new evidence for a lack of a resolution upgrade to the new iPad mini 2 display.
iPad 5, iPad mini 2 retail availability target of latest rumors
Will Apple not repeat a Friday iPad retail launch this year? Hear the latest new iPad retail rumors.
Could the iPad mini 2 not get a Retina display, after all?
Despite expectations, could we see a new iPad mini 2 without Retina screen? Some sources say any resolution bump wouldn’t happen until next year.
Google Nexus 5 hopes, iPhone 5S choice, iPad Touch ID comments & more – Pocketnow Daily Recap
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iPad mini 2 possibly spotted in gold, with Touch ID scanner
Get a look at the first pics to possibly reveal a gold iPad mini 2 option, as well as confirm the Touch ID sensor.
Date suggested for iPad 5, iPad mini 2 launch event
Hear just when Apple may be intending to hold its iPad 5 launch, as well as introducing the new iPad mini 2.