Pocketnow Daily: Apple launching SIX iPhones in 2020?!) (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about all the upcoming iPhone 12 variants, the huge battery in the Samsung Galaxy S11 and more

Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy S11 to be all display, iPhone sales slump & more (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about Samsung’s intentions of giving us full-screen smartphones without the notch or a punch-hole, Apple sales and more.
iPhone Xs Max charging

There are some interesting discounts for Apple products at Best Buy

There are some interesting deals for many Apple devices at Best Buy, these include the MacBook Pro, iPhone X, and several iPad models

Google announces Stadia, New iPads released & more – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the Google announces Stadia, New iPads and even new iMacs released along with updates & more

iPad Air, iPad mini coming to T-Mobile and Verizon

How much are you going to pay to connect your new iPad mini or iPad Air to your favorite LTE network? Depends on the carrier you’re on.

iPad Air debuts, iPad mini gets new version starting from $399

Apple has refreshed the iPad in its 7.9- and 10.5-inch sizes, bringing better displays and Apple Pencil support. It’ll all cost more than a regular iPad.

Project Ara, Pixel 4 and neither the twain shall meet | #PNWeekly 345

We discuss the overhyping of patents, AT&T’s overhyping of its 5G network and content providers not buying Apple’s single-stream hype on the show!

iPad mini 5 to use the same design as the iPad mini 4

A new report suggests that Apple will reuse the design of the iPad mini 4 in the case of the upcoming iPad mini 5, and they will look identical.

No Face ID on cheaper iPad models, code reveals

A recent code breakdown of the iOS 12.2 beta reveals that there will be four new iPad models that will be lacking Face ID functionality.

New iPad and iPad mini 5 could be launched in the first half of 2019

We could see the launch of the new iPad Mini gen 5 during the first half of 2019 according to a new report that also includes a new entry level iPad

This could be the new iPad mini 5, but there’s no flash in sight

This could be the final design of the upcoming 5th generation iPad mini, or a prototype that will give us a better idea of what to expect

Apple could bring us a new 10” iPad and a new iPad mini in 2019

We could finally get a newer version of Apple’s iPad mini after several years, and the 9.7″ iPad could make way for one with a bigger screen

Let’s chat HTC U11 and playing Zelda on your phone! | Pocketnow Weekly 253

It’s our pleasure to introduce a new team member here at Pocketnow. Joel joins us to chat about the HTC U11, and will Nintendo bring Zelda to our phones?

Expect a big change for the floundering iPad mini soon

A complete transformation? A complete disintegration? Whatever the case, the iPad Pro seems to be a cash cow eating on the iPad mini grass at this point.

Those three next-gen iPads may not land until H2 2017, Apple Pencil 2 also in the works

A revised trio of next-gen iPads could see daylight sometime during 2017’s second half, according to new rumors, possibly alongside an Apple Pencil 2.

Next-gen iPad trio again rumored to include ‘low-priced’ 9.7-incher, no Mini variant

Insiders seem increasingly confident Apple is planning to release no less than three iPad models in 2017, ranging in screen size from 9.7 to 12.9 inches.

Low TSMC 10nm chip yields could ‘disrupt’ early 2017 iPad release schedule

Longtime Apple partner TSMC is reportedly having trouble ramping up 10nm chip production, possibly leading to 2017 iPad upgrade delays.

10.9-inch bezelless iPad also on the table, claims Barclays

This iPad would have a 10.9-inch screen in the body of a current-generation 9.7-inch iPad. Will Apple trigger peak bezelless in 2017?

Apple maintains comfortable tablet market domination, but Amazon and Huawei are surging

Apple is still the world’s number one tablet vendor, followed by Samsung, then Amazon, which was the biggest Q3 2016 grower.

iOS 10 overtime: uninstalling default apps, device compatibility

Find out which iPhones, iPads and iPod touches you will be able to get iOS 10 on and then see which apps you can delete to save more space on your device.

Teens are still head over heels for iPhones, not so interested in the Apple Watch

iPhones remain by far the teens’ favorite gadgets, with ownership and interest to purchase at new heights, while the Apple Watch struggles.

iPad mini 4 might bring similar looks to the iPad Air 2

Learn more about the possible iPad mini 4, as we find some leaks that point to a much sleeker design language, similar to that of the iPad Air 2

Apple finally drops new sales of original iPad mini

After nearly three years, new iPad mini sales are finally drawing to a close at Apple.

Cyber Monday deals: the best sales available today

Our favorite Cyber Monday deals, all in one stop. Come check out the biggest savings you’ll find this week.

Apple releases iOS 8.1 with fixes, new features and Apple Pay

Learn more about Apple’s launch of iOS 8.1, which just went public for everyone. There are some significant enhancements coming, including Apple Pay.