iPhone 11 Max

Kuo: Frosted iPhone XI, 32GB RAM on 13-inch MacBook Pro

The smallest MacBook Pro may get the most active memory it has ever seen this year. Plus, a new look iPhone this September?

Apple could bring us a new 10” iPad and a new iPad mini in 2019

We could finally get a newer version of Apple’s iPad mini after several years, and the 9.7″ iPad could make way for one with a bigger screen

Join T-Mobile on Cyber Monday, get a free Apple Watch or iPad

Sign on with two lines or more and get your choice of a Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch or iPad. And while you’re getting two phones, get one for (maybe) free!

Sprint’s Black Friday deals are already here with more on November 21

More “buy one, get one” deals for phones are on offer for iPhones, Galaxies and a few more phones as well. Plus, a free TV!

Black Friday and Costco give us early discounts on the 128GB iPad 9.7

Deals are arriving thanks to Black Friday to the 2018 128GB iPad 9.7″ at Costco, the only thing you need to do is be a member

Base model 6th-gen iPad 9.7 refurb discount not as big as listed on Amazon

It’ll be a while yet before new 9.7-inch models come out, so the discount on this Apple product is predictably paltry. But it’s on Amazon right now.

Sprint Unlimited Plus goes up to $70 per month while Unlimited Basic goes to $60

The plans go into effect from July 13 with a price jump for more data and music goodies and discounts for first-weekend subscribers.

Apple Watch, Galaxy, Sony and Moto phones on sale at B&H Photo until June 17

That’s the Apple Watch Series 3 and the latest phones from Samsung, Sony and Motorola — all on sale for the next several days.

Global tablet shipments have hit a new quarterly low, and they’re about to go even lower

Just as expected, worldwide tablet shipments are down again after a surprisingly solid holiday quarter, looking at yet another big drop in Q2 2018.

Best Buy offers $80 off 5th-gen iPad 9.7, no trade-in required

A good, modern iPad that doesn’t take Apple Pencil input costs just $250. Best Buy follows up a trade-in discount with a more decent flat discount.

Hated one way or another: Notches & Co. | #PNWeekly 298

On this week’s show: Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple and Acer have new hardware, Facebook has newly-revealed problems around the same old concerns and notches, people, notches, what more do you want?

6th-gen iPad 9.7 deliveries already taking place

By the time we were able to check order statuses on the iPad 9.7, shipments were already moved into early April. But for fast fingers, it’s a fast iPad.

B&H Photo now selling 5th-gen iPad 9.7 at a $40 discount

The New York-based retailer now has pre-orders open for the new 9.7-inch iPads. But you can save a few bucks and get a decent, affordable iPad, too.

6th-gen iPad 9.7 is actually more affordable in Canada, Europe

In many cases, these discounts are roughly in the range of US$20 to US$50, which makes Apple’s claim about this iPad being “the most affordable” one pretty true. Just don’t worry about the Apple Pencil.

New 9.7-inch iPad arrives this week in Verizon and T-Mobile stores, Best Buy throws in gift card

Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad will be available on and offline from Verizon and T-Mobile on Friday, March 30, while Best Buy is offering a free included $25 e-gift card with early orders.

Same price, new iPad 9.7: Apple Pencil is the (separately available) star

Apple is touting this as the most affordable iPad yet with the option for users to grab hold of the Apple Pencil (for $99) and take their experience by the reins.

New low-cost iPad and education software coming next week, cheap MacBook must wait

A new low-cost iPad with a 9.7-inch screen and classroom focus is practically guaranteed to see daylight on March 27, unlike that oft-rumored affordable 13-inch MacBook.

Low-cost new iPad and MacBook top suspect list for Apple’s March 27 education event

An education-focused Apple event on March 27 sounds perfect for the announcement of an oft-rumored new 9.7-inch iPad and 13-inch MacBook.

New entry-level 13-inch MacBook and 9.7-inch iPad expected out in Q2, iPad Pro upgrades in H2

Speculation is slowly ramping up about a $999 or so 13-inch MacBook with a high-res screen due out by the end of Q2, alongside a refreshed 9.7-inch iPad.

Apple could look to release new low-cost iPhone, iPad, MacBook and even HomePod models this year

It’s certainly not surprising to hear a (relatively) affordable new iPhone and iPad are in the pipeline, but Apple could also gear up to launch (more) budget-friendly MacBook Air and HomePod versions this year.

Next-gen 9.7-inch iPad could hit stores in Q2 2018 with $259 starting price

Apple may want to target an even wider audience with a 2018 edition of the 9.7-inch iPad priced as low as $259, compared to $329 right now.

You may get an iPad Air 2 if Apple can’t like-replace your iPad 4

Well, there’s a chance you might get one if you need a repair. Basically, it’s the store manager that makes the call based on inventory issues.

O wow, it’s the first Android O developer preview | #PNWeekly 245

We delve into the nuances of what software features will hit home with most users as well as other mobile tech news of the week in our podcast!

Best Buy’s ‘new’ iPad comes with free $25 gift card, trade-ins get you extra savings

A free $25 coupon may not sound like much, but it’s better than nothing, and it can also be combined with trade-in deals from Best Buy for that new iPad.

Apple discreetly unveils new 9.7-inch iPad, red iPhone 7, iPad mini 4 and iPhone SE with more storage

A $329 and up “new” 9.7-inch iPad, red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, as well as hoarder-friendly iPhone SE and iPad mini 4 variants, are out now.