Apple could look to release new low-cost iPhone, iPad, MacBook and even HomePod models this year

It’s certainly not surprising to hear a (relatively) affordable new iPhone and iPad are in the pipeline, but Apple could also gear up to launch (more) budget-friendly MacBook Air and HomePod versions this year.

Possible iPad Air 2 photo leak suggests display changes

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Apple to slim-down next iPhone and iPad through a thinner LED backlight

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Apple may be looking at 4K display for 12.9-inch iPad

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Apple 2014 hardware rumors start talking delays: iWatch, 12.9-inch iPad

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New sources discuss Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad ambitions

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Larger iPad rumors talk 12.9-inches, to arrive in March 2014, claims report

Larger iPad rumors are in again, and, this time they talk about a 12.9-inche screen. It should arrive in March 2014, but it could mean many things.

Apple rumors already looking to iPad 6, iPad mini 3 hardware

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Will Apple ever release a plastic iPad?

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