You may get an iPad Air 2 if Apple can’t like-replace your iPad 4

Well, there’s a chance you might get one if you need a repair. Basically, it’s the store manager that makes the call based on inventory issues.

watchOS 3, iOS 10 released, but take your time with it

It’s September 13 and that means Apple has released iOS 10 out to the public. We suggest you sit it out and wait for the servers to clear out.

iOS 10 overtime: uninstalling default apps, device compatibility

Find out which iPhones, iPads and iPod touches you will be able to get iOS 10 on and then see which apps you can delete to save more space on your device.

Apple brings back the iPad 4, launches an 8GB iPhone 5c and discontinues the iPad 2

Apple has been doing some really odd things lately, and it mainly…

iPad 4 ready to rise from its ashes, replace iPad 2 tomorrow?

Tomorrow may be the end of the iPad 2’s story, with rumors that the iPad 4 returns to Apple’s stores on Tuesday.

iOS 7 powers 74 percent of all compatible Apple devices

iOS 7 powers 74 percent of all compatible Apple devices, a number which is 10% up from two months ago, testifying for a very fast adoption rate.

iPad Air vs old iPad (Video)

Apple’s new iPad is now available. How does it compare to other iPads? Is it worth the upgrade? Watch this iPad Air vs old iPad comparison to find out!

iOS 7 is live, update your Apple devices

iOS7 is live as of now and if you want to be among the first of your friends to experience it you’ll need to be patient in getting the update.

iOS 7 Gold Master available to download

If you are a registered developer you can now test drive the Gold Master of iOS 7, which is pretty much the final build to be shipped out of the box.

Apple releases iOS 7 Beta 6

Apple releases iOS 7 Beta 6 as an over-the-air patch which is fixing a lot of bugs and continues to fine-tune the system.

Why is Apple selling fewer iPads?

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Matrix Trilogy, and I’m…

The new Nexus 7 is finally a true iPad competitor

Up until this year, it was hard to be a tablet manufacturer…

Samsung, stop making 10-inch tablets with WXGA displays

With 1080p smartphones, the Retina Display iPad, and the Nexus 10, why do 10-inch WXGA tablets still exist? Read our thoughts on recent Samsung tablets.

iOS 7 on the iPad worries me

iOS 7 is one of those things that you’ll either love, hate,…

iOS 7 on the iPad Hands-On

It’s been two weeks since Apple released iOS 7 beta to developers,…

iOS 7 for iPad, iPhone 5S dual flash, Galaxy Note III display & more – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Tab…

iOS 7 for iPad leaked, HTC Butterfly s official, Nokia event teasers & more – Pocketnow Daily

We apologize for some technical difficulties we had in uploading today’s show.…

iOS 7 Hands-On (Video)

See how the new iOS is different in our walkthrough of the developer preview, our own iOS 7 hands-on.

Xperia Tablet Z vs iPad 2012 (Video)

Sony’s latest tablet is thin, beautiful, and water resistant. But how does it fare against Apple’s iPad? Find out in our Xperia Tablet Z vs iPad comparison!

Tim Cook confirms iOS 7 coming at WWDC

In a recent interview at the D11 Conference, Tim Cook confirmed: iOS 7 coming at WWDC. Jonathan Ive is, according to the CEO, key for the update.

Is Microsoft’s iPad vs. Windows tablet comparison fair?

Read about the Microsoft iPad comparisons the company just published, and what’s wrong about what it’s saying.

Apple To Expand Its US Distribution With the Addition Of Staples?

Apple might be expanding its US distribution with the addition of Staples, even though neither company officially confirmed the report.

How to Unjailbreak Your iPhone

If you recently jailbroke your iPhone or iPad and later decided you wish you hadn’t, there’s nothing to worry about. In this video, Taylor shows how to unjailbreak your iPhone without losing your data!

Don’t Be Stupid, Backup Your iPhone With These Solutions (Video)

Losing data is never a fun experience, especially on a device that’s an integral part of day-to-day life. Luckily, using the solutions in this video, backup your iPhone and enjoy the peace of mind.

5 Great Paid Tweaks Worth Jailbreaking iOS 6 (Video)

We’ve already shown you how easy it is to Jailbreak an iPhone…