samsung galaxy water resistance

Samsung accused of misleading customers on Galaxy S water resistance

The Australian consumer watchdog is taking Samsung to court alleging the company is falsely advertising water resitance of its Galaxy phones.
phone wet

What to do after you get your phone wet

Here’s what to do if you accidentally get your phone wet. Whether it’s a splash, submerging, or flooding, do these things to avoid water damage.

Latest OnePlus 6 teasers reveal water resistance, camera samples and Amazon India exclusivity

The fast-approaching OnePlus 6 could be the Chinese company’s first-ever phone featuring some degree of water resistance. The camera should be pretty great, too.

Galaxy S7 Active: Water Park Torture Test

We can do better testing water resistance. Instead of a “phone in the sink”, how about a day riding water slides? Galaxy S7 Active: Water Park Torture Test!

Galaxy S7 Active fails Consumer Reports water test

Consumer Reports tested two Galaxy S7 Active devices and both of them stopped working properly after being immersed in water.

IP68? Mil-Spec? Rugged phone standards defined!

Mil-Spec-810G? IP68? Our phones are becoming more life-proof, but what do these terms really mean? Rugged phone standards defined!