Huawei to enter the smart display market, report suggests
A recent report citing unnamed industry sources claims that Huawei might be considering entering the smart display market.
Samsung demonstrates Infinity Flex Display with One UI
That foldable Galaxy smartphone will be coming fast and furious at us, but before that, let’s get to know the display that will be on it.
The Alexa microwave and all the other new Echo products from Amazon’s show
A myriad of speakers, plug-ins and other smart home appliances were shown off as Amazon slams hardware down for the fall season.
Bixby 2.0 is on track to launch with the Galaxy Note 9 this year, and expand to many IoT products soon
You can add Bixby 2.0 to the so far short list of rumored Galaxy Note 9 upgrades, with Samsung’s digital assistant finally slated to receive a bunch of essential improvements in just a few months.
AT&T and Amazon launch LTE-M Button for simple IoT tasks
Just plug in AWS application codes and then let them get played for whatever purpose they need to have. All the data gets sent on a cellular network.
T-Mobile Nest Secure pack available from November 10
The system costs $480, but customers pay it off on an EIP with a $240 down. Nest sensors, tags and a camera get help with cellular backup.
2G will die in Singapore throughout 2017
The city-state will ban sales of domestic-use 2G phones on the first of the year. Carriers have an April 1 deadline to shut their towers off.
Qualcomm expects $47 billion NXP acquisition to close by the end of 2017
Intel, meet your match: a combined Qualcomm – NXP Semiconductors company worth at least $133 billion, looking at $30B annual revenues.
The Google Rumor Roundup: mobile that matters
From the Pixel phones to the Andromeda products to all things smartening up the Internet of Things and your Wi-Fi network, Google is getting on steroids.
Telcos will put 5G in EU in 2020 if Commission loosens on open internet laws
A group of 22 telecommunications companies are itching for the European Union to revise its net neutrality laws to get 5G in its member states.
Intel Atom
Intel cancels upcoming Atom mobile processor for 5G
It has discontinued sales of three current Atom mobile chipsets and has also scrapped plans for a tablet-dedicated chipset.
Nest CEO wants to address work culture with Alphabet over lunch
But Tony Fadell also took the time to address Google and Alphabet staff of some concerning HR stories that painted a bad work culture at Nest.
Google Smart home powered by Nest
Nest may be disappointing Alphabet when it comes to cash
We’re learning that the Google-bought maker of connected appliances might be financially letting down Alphabet.
The Amazon Echo listens to anyone – even NPR
It’s a lovely Sunday morning and you’re listening to Rachel Martin tell a story about the Amazon Echo when suddenly, it gets a little toasty in the room.
Amazon may have won IoT as Nest connects to Echo, Fire TV
The Nest Learning Thermostat will be the first product to connect to Amazon’s voice assistance service as IoT partners continue to flock to Alexa.
Picking up the pieces post-CES | Pocketnow Weekly 183
We’re back in our respective cities following CES 2016, most of us wiser, all of us older, and at least one of us with a big ‘ole post-Vegas beard.
LG SmartThinQ Hub debuts ahead of CES with smart speaker and smart home capabilities
The LG SmartThinQ Hub basically takes the concept behind the Amazon Echo to the next level, blending smart speaker and smart home controller features.
Bluetooth 4.1
The future of Bluetooth: what to expect and why you should care
Connected devices and the Internet of Things are the future of Bluetooth. Here’s how all that will apply to you.
Bluetooth 4.1
Bluetooth upgrades will double speed, quadruple range in 2016
For a long time, Bluetooth has been more of a novelty wireless connection…
Google OnHub
Here’s what the Google OnHub should have been
OnHub is Google’s first foray into home networking. It gets a lot of things it gets right, but not everything. Here’s what’s wrong, and why it matters.