Anyone can now try out the first iOS 12 public beta for free

The iOS 12 public beta program is officially open to all, allowing owners of eligible iPhones and iPads to test-drive features like Screen Time or Memoji.

Apple confirms USB Restricted Mode will be ‘made permanent’ at some point in iOS 12

USB Restricted Mode, a simple but presumably very efficient tool fighting against unauthorized iPhone hacks, is to be included in a future iOS update.

‘Alternate Appearance’ feature in iOS 12 beta looks a lot like multi-user Face ID support

iOS 12 beta testers can register an “alternate appearance” for Face ID authentication on the iPhone X, which also allows a second user to unlock the device with their face.

Apple wants to help you disconnect with Screen Time and App Limits in iOS 12

Who’s copying who now? In all fairness, everyone copies everyone, and no…

iOS 12 ‘doubles down’ on performance, coming to all iOS 11-eligible devices

iOS 12 is coming soon… to every single iOS 11-supported iPhone and iPad, vastly improving performance, especially on older devices.

iOS 11 adoption still slower than iOS 10 last year, currently at 76 percent

Riddled with bugs right out of the gate, iOS 11 has struggled to rival its predecessor’s adoption pace over the past few months, although 76 percent is still a fairly impressive number.

iOS 11.3.1 quickly fixes third-party iPhone 8 display issue

If you own an iPhone 8 with a “non-genuine” replacement display that stopped working after updating to iOS 11.3, the iOS 11.3.1 patch should fix your problem.

There’s still hope for the iPhone 5s to run iOS 12, its fifth potential major update

The end of the software support road may not be near for 2013’s iPhone 5s, which is currently being tested running the as-yet unreleased iOS 12.

iOS 11.3 arrives for all eligible iPhones and iPads, including new Animoji and battery health info

Mere hours after releasing it exclusively for early adopters of the new 9.7-inch iPad, Apple has started seeding the official iOS 11.3 update for everyone else.

Official iOS 11.3 update is here… for Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad only

Spring is here, and the stable iOS 11.3 update has reportedly begun rolling out, but for some reason, only new 9.7-inch iPad owners can install it at the moment.

iOS 11.3 is coming ‘this spring’ with option to turn off performance throttling, AR updates and more

Anyone with a performance-throttled iPhone will be able to turn off the “power management” feature in the upcoming iOS 11.3 update. AR improvements, new Animoji and Health Records are also coming.

Official iOS 11.2.5 update brings HomePod support to compatible iPhones and iPads

If you’re thinking of ordering that long overdue HomePod starting this Friday, you’ll need to install the iOS 11.2.5 update on your iPhone or iPad for full support.

Tim Cook says future iOS update will let users turn iPhone performance throttling off

In addition to personally apologizing for the whole power management debacle, Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed in a recent interview that iPhone performance throttling will soon be optional.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature: Apple defends performance reductions on old iPhones

Apple has quickly reacted to iPhone slowdown accusations, admitting it intentionally put a cap on the 6, 6s, SE and 7 performance to “prolong their life.”

Apple is controversially limiting iPhone 6s and 7 CPU performance to reduce battery load

If you felt like a particular software update crippled the overall user experience on the iPhone 6s or 7, there’s now an explanation for that.
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Apple delivers quick iOS 11.1.2 update to fix low-temperature iPhone X bug

Does your iPhone X screen tend to freeze at low temperatures? Fret not, iOS 11.1.2 is here to fix that particular issue, as well as a lesser-known one.

Upcoming iOS 11.2 update will apparently enable faster wireless charging for iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus

Currently limited to 5W speeds, wireless charging capabilities on the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus will soon get a decent boost to 7.5 watts with iOS 11.2.

Winter is coming, and so is a software update for iPhone X responsiveness bug at low temperatures

The latest iOS 11 bug to make headlines and annoy early iPhone X adopters should get a fix soon, as Apple is aware of weird behavior at low temperatures.

Weird iOS 11.1 autocorrect bug gets temporary workaround ahead of likely iOS 11.1.1 fix

If you’re annoyed by your iOS 11.1-running iPhone or iPad autocorrecting your lower-case “i”, you can wait for an update or try to fix the problem for now.

‘Hundreds’ of new emoji are coming soon with the iOS 11.1 update to iPhones and iPads

iPhone and iPad users already looking forward for iOS 11.1 can expect a bunch of fun new emoji, including many gender-neutral characters.

One week in, iOS 11 is already installed on over 26 percent of iDevices

26.56 percent of iPhone and iPad users have taken the “giant step” or “monumental leap” to iOS 11 one week after release, which is good but not great.

Nope, sorry, you can’t ‘completely disable’ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from iOS 11’s Control Center

Billed as a “giant step for iPhone” and a “monumental leap for iPad”, Apple’s iOS 11 update feels like a step back for Control Center ease of use.

iOS 11 is heading out today to eligible iPhones and iPads, but Apple Pay Cash needs more time

Owners of a large number of “old” iPhones, iPads and even the latest iPod Touch generation can officially update today to the first public iOS 11 build.

iOS 10.3.1 rapidly launches to fix a couple of 10.3 bugs, improve overall security

iOS 11 is inching closer and closer, but as always, Apple finds time to optimize and stabilize “old” platform versions, namely iOS 10.

iOS 10.0.2 arrives with trio of bug fixes, including one for erratic headphone controls

It’s not as important a maintenance update as the upcoming build 10.1, but iOS 10.0.2 does promise to iron out a few nagging iPhone and iPad kinks.