Apple rolls out iOS 9.3.4 with ‘an important security update for your iPhone or iPad’

Apple isn’t going to release iOS 10 before making sure iOS 9 is all polished and secure, with an “important” security-centric 9.3.4 update delivered now.

Third iOS 9.3.2 beta reaches developers with more minor bug fixes

Apple’s mission is to quash each and every small iOS 9 bug, with build 9.3.2 reaching its third developer beta dedicated entirely to stability fixes.

Yet another iOS 9.3 bug transpires, which Sprint is ‘working quickly to fix’

Far from perfect or flawless, iOS 9.3 leaves iPhones on Sprint without 4G LTE support, even after the .1 maintenance revision.

No joke: iOS 9.3 deemed ‘most stable new release in years’, less crash-prone than Android 6.0

A mobile app analytics firm surprisingly claims iOS 9.3 is less crash-prone than all previous iOS 9 versions, plus Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Apple works out its iOS 9.3 installation issues, resumes distribution

The new iOS 9.3 bugfix should finally solve all those Apple ID-related roadblocks from last week.

What’s gone wrong with web links on iOS? Users on 9.3 report freezing, crashes

Hear about the iOS URL bug that’s been plaguing users (especially with the new iOS 9.3 release).

Apple slows iOS 9.3 release as it catches up to problems

The company will provide a fixed update “in the next few days” to fix another mistake it committed in its update process. It’s updating an update.

Some iPad Air 2 owners report major iOS 9.3 issues, no word on incoming fix

Instead of improving performance and system stability, iOS 9.3 updates appear to be leaving many old iPads bricked and unable to be activated.

Apple introduces iOS 9.3 with Night Shift, privacy tools, CarPlay enhancements

Along with a new iPhone today came the much-awaited update to iOS…

Apple’s iMessage encryption is ‘weak’, but at least one critical flaw will get iOS 9.3 patch

iMessage encryption was found to be susceptible to the right cyber-attacks by a team of researchers, with Apple’s security features in general questioned.

iOS 9.3 beta 7 release most likely anticipates next week’s public rollout

iOS 9.3 can’t be more than a few days away from a public release, as its seventh beta update makes its way to developers and testers.

Apple deploys iOS 9.3 beta 6, one of the last pre-release developer builds

iOS 9.3 continues to gain new functionality and lose old bugs with beta 6 build ahead of an imminent public rollout.

Night Shift mode stiffens in iOS 9.3 beta 4 and 5

The feature that adjusts an iPhone’s display for easier reading in the dark gets some new tweaks that some testers will not like.

Apple’s latest iOS 9.3 beta reminds users when they’re being watched

Employer watching your iPhone? A new iOS 9.3 device management warning won’t let you forget.

Apple releases iOS 9.3 beta 5 with promised return of full Apple Pencil input

See what Apple’s doing to fix Apple Pencil input mechanics with today’s new iOS 9.3 beta 5 release.

Party like it’s 1970: Apple fixes iOS date bug

There’s an Apple 1970 bug fix in the new iOS beta, but does the patch really get to the root of the problem?

Apple confirms: iOS 9.3 won’t break Pencil functionality, back in next beta

Even though the last few betas dropped navigation controls, full Apple iOS 9.3 Pencil support will be back for the public release.

New iOS 9.3 beta 4 arrives – but what’s happening with Apple Pencil support?

As the latest beta lands, questions about what Apple’s up to with iOS 9.3 Apple Pencil feature cuts resume.

Apple’s latest iOS 9.3 beta hits public availability

Signed up to participate in Apple’s public beta program? There’s a new build ready for you today, with iOS 9.3 public beta 3 landing.

Apple’s new iOS 9.3 beta 3 release is out with Verizon WiFi calling

Verizon WiFI call support is finally landing for the iPhone with today’s new iOS 9.3 beta 3.

Apple continues to tweak Night Shift mode in new iOS 9.3 beta 2

See what the new Apple iOS 9.3 beta 2 is doing to improve how Night Shift works, while also making a handful of other UI changes.

Apple offers temporary workaround for iPhone 6s battery status bug, permanent fix incoming

Have you had trouble with battery percentage displaying on your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus? There’s a way to circumvent that, and a universal fix in the works.

Flux publicly asks for Apple’s blessing on iOS in the wake of Night Shift’s debut

The developers of the popular sleep-improving software Flux haven’t given up hope for ultimately launching on iOS, despite Night Shift’s looming release.

More features to 3D Touch on iOS 9.3

Siri learns more languages, Apple Pay communicates with Wallet, Touch ID can now protect your notes and there’s more you can 3D Touch. All in iOS 9.3.

It’s new-beta day for Apple devs: iOS 9.3, watchOS 2.2, tvOS 9.2, and more

Discover what’s new in today’s first Apple iOS 9.3 beta, along with new beta releases for the Apple Watch, Apple TV, and more.