iBoot source code for iOS 9 shows up online in ‘biggest leak in history’

It didn’t take Apple long to convince GitHub to take down leaked source code for a core iOS 9 component, but according to security experts, the damage may have been done.

Seven weeks in, ‘only’ 52 percent of active iPhones and iPads run iOS 11

The majority of iDevice users are already on iOS 11, but the latest platform version isn’t spreading anywhere near as fast as iOS 10 and 9.

That iPhone slowdown over time may be more slight than you think

At least, on benchmarks, anyways. But the data shows that performance on the iPhone 5s stays relatively consistent between multiple iOS versions.

Indian government may buy Cellebrite hacking solution

The Forensic Science Laboratory wants to acquire a tool to decrypt phones with iOS 8 and, potentially, other Android phones.

iOS 10 adoption proceeds at sluggish pace, Tim Cook stresses Android’s doing worse

“Only” 60 percent of the world’s iDevices run iOS 10 as of October 25, which Apple’s CEO didn’t forget to compare to Android Nougat adoption.

Apple discloses actual iOS 10 adoption rate, and it’s not as impressive as we thought

Third-party market research firms were apparently way too optimistic about early iOS 10 adoption, confirmed at “only” 54 percent by Apple.

iOS 10 adoption comfortably outpaces all previous versions, already at over 66 percent

Around two thirds of all iOS users are reportedly already on the mobile platform’s latest build, iOS 10, embracing it faster than iOS 9 last year.

iOS 10 share nearing half as it overtakes iOS 9

As of 10pm Eastern on September 28, 2016, iOS 10 registered a 49.97 percent usage share on all iPhones and iPads. It took 15 days to get here.

iOS 10 exceeds 14 percent adoption in 24 hours, should take 11 days to get to 50 percent

Nearly 15 percent of iDevices are already on iOS 10, with the latest mobile platform version predicted to reach 50 percent by September 25.

Apple rolls out iOS 9.3.4 with ‘an important security update for your iPhone or iPad’

Apple isn’t going to release iOS 10 before making sure iOS 9 is all polished and secure, with an “important” security-centric 9.3.4 update delivered now.

9 Tips to improve battery life on your iPhone

Are you trying to avoid charging your phone during the day? Here are 9 Tips to improve battery life on your iPhone, though you might not want to use them…

Third iOS 9.3.2 beta reaches developers with more minor bug fixes

Apple’s mission is to quash each and every small iOS 9 bug, with build 9.3.2 reaching its third developer beta dedicated entirely to stability fixes.

New report claims gray hat hackers, not Cellebrite, helped crack San Bernardino iPhone

It’s likely the FBI got “gray hat” hackers to decrypt the security on the San Bernardino iPhone 5c instead of the previously rumored mobile forensic firm.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s: Which should you buy?

It has the same CPU and camera as the iPhone 6S, for $250 less, but what compromises are there? Here’s a quick iPhone SE vs 6S comparison!

iPhone SE 24 hours with a mini mid-range smartphone (video)

Apple’s mini mid-range phone is a snappy scrappy performer. Here’s our first look at the iPhone SE 24 hours after unboxing it.

Yet another iOS 9.3 bug transpires, which Sprint is ‘working quickly to fix’

Far from perfect or flawless, iOS 9.3 leaves iPhones on Sprint without 4G LTE support, even after the .1 maintenance revision.

No joke: iOS 9.3 deemed ‘most stable new release in years’, less crash-prone than Android 6.0

A mobile app analytics firm surprisingly claims iOS 9.3 is less crash-prone than all previous iOS 9 versions, plus Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

iOS 9.3 beta 7 release most likely anticipates next week’s public rollout

iOS 9.3 can’t be more than a few days away from a public release, as its seventh beta update makes its way to developers and testers.

Night Shift mode stiffens in iOS 9.3 beta 4 and 5

The feature that adjusts an iPhone’s display for easier reading in the dark gets some new tweaks that some testers will not like.

iPhone Error 53 Touch ID security ‘feature’ could yield legal nightmare for Apple

Law firms in both the US and UK are joining disgruntled iPhone 6 owners whose devices succumbed to Error 53, threatening class action against Apple.

The three best smartphone features (that haven’t taken off)

The best smartphone features of 2016 are the ones you’re not using – and in some cases, you’re better off.

3 Microsoft Office apps and OneNote get 3D Touch, Apple Pencil functionality

And they also get that Apple Pencil going on, too. There are actually a bunch of new features to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even OneNote to get to.

Code strings in iOS 9 hint at move away from headphone jacks, future optical networking

Does this iOS 9 text string support rumors of the vanishing iPhone 7 headphone jack, and will another string point at a future Apple networking plan?

Apple offers temporary workaround for iPhone 6s battery status bug, permanent fix incoming

Have you had trouble with battery percentage displaying on your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus? There’s a way to circumvent that, and a universal fix in the works.

Apple faces class action lawsuit from iPhone 4s owners with iOS 9 issues

“Planned obsolescence” is a tired old phrase and a favorite of Apple…