Apple can’t convince judge to dismiss class action lawsuit alleging intentional FaceTime crippling

That FaceTime-related class action lawsuit is getting serious, as Apple fails to win over judge in attempt to relinquish all accusations of wrongdoing.

Class action lawsuit points the finger at Apple for intentionally crippling FaceTime on iOS 6

Yet another class action lawsuit alleges intentional Apple damage of FaceTime functionality on iOS 6 a few years back to force iOS 7 updates.

Apple: FBI crack method in San Bernardino iPhone may help in Brooklyn

If the FBI can crack an alleged mass shooter’s iPhone without Apple’s help, the company says it won’t help with an iPhone locked in Brooklyn.

iOS 9 adoption falls off cliff, now at 70 percent

It appears that the camps have set up and whatever change comes…

iOS 9 update slow to get out, fast to adopt

The general attitude towards software updates has been perceived as a negative…

Apple users not flocking to iOS 8 as fast as previous releases

Why is it that Apple users are taking a slower approach to iOS 8 adoption than they did with iOS 7 last year?

Apple approves a $1000 app that lets the iPhone 5s shoot 4K video, sort of

Learn more about Vizzywig 4K, a new application that just got approved by Apple on the App Store, but that shoots 4K with a lot of sacrifice.

Apple releases iOS 7.1.2 update with collection of bugfixes

What’s changed with today’s iOS 7.1.2 update? Learn what fixes have so far been confirmed.

Security flaw lets iOS 7 users bypass lock screen

A new iOS 7 lock screen bypass method allows getting into iOS devices without authenticating with a security method.

iOS 6 users on iOS 7-compatible devices must upgrade to use FaceTime

Even though many of us complained harshly at how Apple slept in…

Your move, Apple: taking a risk on the iPhone 6

Rumors of the iPhone 6 spread far and wide with some pretty wild claims. Truth is, Apple should listen to the rumors and take a risk. Read on to learn why!

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact vs Apple iPhone 5c (Video)

One’s a stripped-down flagship, the other a “no compromise” mini-spec beast. How do they compare? Find out in our new video: Xperia Z1 Compact vs iPhone 5c!

iOS bug lets attackers disable Find My iPhone

See how one Find My iPhone bug can let attackers disconnect your phone from Apple’s tracking service.

Swiftkey launched for iOS, but as a Notes application

Swifkey is probably one of the best inventions to ever reach the…

Facebook Paper announced, available February 3 on iPhone

Facebook Paper has been announced today and it will be available on the iPhone on February 3. Check out more details and a demo of the upcoming app.

The iPhone is back on Megafon, Russia’s second largest carrier

Apple’s iPhone is back on Megafon, Russia’s second largest carrier, which has managed to sign a direct contract with the Cupertino-based phone-maker.

iOS 7 shows an 80% adoption according to app usage

As much as we know that lot’s of you celebrated the launch…

iOS 7 update with home screen crash fix in works

An iOS 7 update with an upcoming home screen crash fix is in works, according to a statement from an official Apple spokesperson. Check out the details!

Pocketnow Weekly 076: inbox zero

Every week we get tons of listener mail that we put off. Not today. Welcome to the last Pocketnow Weekly podcast of the year, 076: “Inbox Zero!”

Nokia pulls HERE Maps from iTunes

Nokia pulls HERE Maps from iTunes. The app was available starting November 20, 2012, until just recently, when it got pulled due to “iOS 7”, says official

Apple fined in Taiwan for interfering with iPhone pricing

The Fair Trade Commission got Apple fined in Taiwan for interfering with iPhone pricing, according to the most recent reports.

The best way to save money on the apps you want

It’s easier to save money on applications than you might think. Learn how to discover applications on sale and save money!

iPhone 6 launch dates, iOS 7 Jailbreak, Galaxy S 5 Curves & more – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the iOS 7 Jailbreak,…

Apple iPhone 5s coming to China Mobile, alongside iPhone 5c

Apple iPhone 5s coming to China Mobile, alongside the iPhone 5c, and will be available starting January 17, 2014, from both the carrier and Apple.

iOS 7 jailbreak released, just make sure to acknowledge the risks

iOS 7 jailbreak released and you can, of course, use and buss it, as long as you acknowledge the risks!