Pocketnow Daily: Apple’s iPadOS and New Mac Pro impressions: FINALLY! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, everything seen during the last WWDC that presented the new Mac Pro, watchOS 6, iOS 13, iPadOS and more.

iOS 12.1.4 is out with fix to Group FaceTime eavesdropping bug

The bug that allowed users to eavesdrop on anyone who could be put into a Group FaceTime call is finally patched up in the latest iOS update.

“Live Listen” on AirPods can be used to spy around your iPhone

Apple probably intended for this feature to act as sort of a software-enabled hearing aid rather than a wiretapping tool, but it is one, nonetheless.

Don’t download iOS 12.1.2 on your iPhone, you might regret it

Upgrading to the last version of iOS 12.1.2 isn’t in your smartphones best interest since you could end up with serious issues with your iPhone

iOS 12.1.2 may brick cellular connections and a hotfix didn’t help

Apple originally put out the update on Monday, then tweaked it and re-released it on Thursday. All the while, iPhone owners have been complaining.
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iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus get performance throttling in iOS 12.1

As it turns out, despite what Apple said, iOS 12.1 brings performance throttling to the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

The iPad Pro grows up with second-gen Apple Pencil, slimmer bezels

It’s slimmer, brighter and has more intuitive design. The iPad Pro’s power is also being utilized for the full Photoshop program and NBA 2K.

Here’s what the iPad Pro (2018) will look like, according to iOS

Apple has updated its firmware with an image of what looks to be the facade of one of the new iPad Pro models to be announced on October 30.
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Apple will improve iPhone Xr Haptic Touch with future iOS updates

Apple is working on improving and expanding the iPhone Xr Haptic Touch feature and will be adding more and more with future iOS updates.

iOS 12.1 will improve selfie quality on iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr

When Apple will release iOS 12.1, it will fix the issue when selfie pictures are blurred and soft on the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr.
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iPhone Xr pre-orders are now live

If you want a colorful iPhone, this year Apple has got you covered. The iPhone Xr pre-orders are now live with Apple and carriers.

iOS 12.0.1 is here to solve your current iPhone Xs bugs

The solution for all current bugs in your iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max is here with the software update of iOS 12.0.1 that’s now available

Just as many people are using iOS 12 as they are using iOS 11

iOS 12 has actually achieved the plurality of iPhones and iPads. It’s faster than Android, but for Apple standards, it’s darn slow.
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iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs reception issue investigated by Apple

Apple is reportedly investigating the iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs reception issue reported by several owners experiencing weak 4G/LTE signal.
iPhone Xs Max charging

iOS 12.1 will fix iPhone Xs and Xs Max charging issue

The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max charging issue will be solved when the iOS 12.1 update starts rolling out, claims report.
iPhone Xs Max charging

You’re not the only one with iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max charging issues

More and more users are complaining in the forums and support changes about experiencing iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max charging issues.

Apple sued over iMessage, FaceTime encryption patent infringement

Finnish company MPH Technologies got Apple sued over patent infringement. iMessage and FaceTime are infringing its patents.

iPhones on Mint Mobile finally get Wi-Fi calling, texting, VoLTE

Some networking features will make using iPhones on this prepaid carrier a little more fresh like calls over LTE or Wi-Fi and texting on Wi-Fi.
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Apple favors Foxconn over Pegatron for iPhone XR orders

In order to cope with shipping delays and capacity issues in production, Apple is shifting iPhone XR orders from Pegatron to Foxconn.
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Huawei confident Kirin 980 bests Apple A12 Bionic chip in 7nm SoC war

Huawei said that in the Kirin 980 vs A12 Bionic battle, it is confident its own Kirin chip will end up on top. Should we believe it?
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Huawei promotes Mate 20 Pro by shamelessly trolling Apple on iPhone Xs launch day

Huawei is doing everything in its power to avert attention from the iPhone Xs launch day and focus it on the upcoming Mate 20 Pro.

Apple revives old iPhone performance with iOS 12

iPhone performance was observed running iOS 12 versus previous versions to verify Apple’s claims on improving overall speed.
iPhone Xs teardown

iPhone Xs teardown reveals new battery tech, better water protection

An iPhone Xs teardown video has been published online and it shows what Apple improved in terms of water resistance and battery.

iOS 12 adoption slows on second day

It’s not a big sample size, but given how the iOS 11 update went last year, it’ll be something to watch in the weeks ahead.

China regulator reveals iPhone Xs battery size, because Apple won’t

The iPhone Xs battery size is no longer a mystery. Chinese regulators have certified the 2018 iPhone line-up and reveal battery capacities.