iPhone SE, iPhone 6s suffer fast battery drain on iOS 11.4
Those with older iPhones are being advised to turn off location services and keep Wi-Fi on. Replacing the battery might not matter.
Apple confirms USB Restricted Mode will be ‘made permanent’ at some point in iOS 12
USB Restricted Mode, a simple but presumably very efficient tool fighting against unauthorized iPhone hacks, is to be included in a future iOS update.
The black dot emoji (and much more) is crashing apps on iOS 11.3
We’ve been looking at this issue for a few days, but apparently it has exploded in commonality as more publicity gets piled onto it.
Latest iOS 11.4 beta includes USB Restricted Mode to spoil cops
The feature returns from the iOS 11.3 beta as it has skipped out on the public release. But what does this mean for law enforcement trying to use decryption box tools for iPhones in evidence?