The black dot emoji (and much more) is crashing apps on iOS 11.3

We’ve been looking at this issue for a few days, but apparently it has exploded in commonality as more publicity gets piled onto it.

iOS 11.3.1 quickly fixes third-party iPhone 8 display issue

If you own an iPhone 8 with a “non-genuine” replacement display that stopped working after updating to iOS 11.3, the iOS 11.3.1 patch should fix your problem.

Unsinkable Apple, fallible Android | #PNWeekly 300

On this week’s show, Apple continues to ruffle feathers for the way it conducts business and gets away with it. Meanwhile, another dirty secret about Android slips loose.

Third-party iPhone displays stop working with iOS 11.3

Customers are asking for refunds from local shops who are trying to make do with third-party components and no support from Apple.

iOS 11.3 arrives for all eligible iPhones and iPads, including new Animoji and battery health info

Mere hours after releasing it exclusively for early adopters of the new 9.7-inch iPad, Apple has started seeding the official iOS 11.3 update for everyone else.

Official iOS 11.3 update is here… for Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad only

Spring is here, and the stable iOS 11.3 update has reportedly begun rolling out, but for some reason, only new 9.7-inch iPad owners can install it at the moment.

Apple is fixing Siri bug allowing hidden notifications to be read

It’s an easy breach of privacy and all someone needs to do to get at it is to take your iPhone and ask Siri to read out your notifications.

Yet another critical iOS 11 bug can easily cause crashes of numerous messaging apps

iOS 12 can’t come soon enough, as the already bug-ridden iOS 11 exhibits weird and glitchy behavior again if your iPhone receives a message with a specific Indian symbol.

Face ID now can be used for Family Sharing purchases with iOS 11.3

The only way to have app purchases approved by a parent was either Touch ID or by entering the Apple ID password. That’s until when iOS 11.3 comes in.

iOS 11.3 firmware mentions “Modern iPad,” signals new-gen iPad Pro with Face ID

“iPhone_Modern” was the term used inside firmware to talk about what would become the iPhone X. So, we know that there’s a new iPad or two coming this year. What’s new?

iOS 11.3 is coming ‘this spring’ with option to turn off performance throttling, AR updates and more

Anyone with a performance-throttled iPhone will be able to turn off the “power management” feature in the upcoming iOS 11.3 update. AR improvements, new Animoji and Health Records are also coming.

Tim Cook says future iOS update will let users turn iPhone performance throttling off

In addition to personally apologizing for the whole power management debacle, Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed in a recent interview that iPhone performance throttling will soon be optional.