Apple fails to explain why iPhone throttling was not disclosed to Canadian government

The behavior was covered under umbrella language explaining the measures it took to stop iPhones from suddenly shutting down with the iOS 10.2.1 software update.

Apple: iPhone 8, iPhone X battery management is more robust than older devices

But it’s not because of the software. In fact, there’s a reasonable implication that Apple is claiming that new hardware means no throttling will be warranted in future software updates.

With iPhone battery replacement program, Apple may give rebates to those who paid full price

That’s according to a Senate committee chairman. That committee has released a letter from Apple that answers some of its questions about the program.

Did Apple tell anyone about iPhone slowdowns earlier?

There was a claim floating around for a short minute saying that Apple had told everyone it was throttling performance on older iPhones in February.

Apple offers discounted battery replacements, apologizes for iPhone throttling

Performance throttling was meant to keep iPhone users pleased with their device for longer. But everything on the device was taking longer to load. Now, a mea culpa from Apple.

Apple is controversially limiting iPhone 6s and 7 CPU performance to reduce battery load

If you felt like a particular software update crippled the overall user experience on the iPhone 6s or 7, there’s now an explanation for that.

Apple reduces incidence of iPhone 6 and 6s shutdowns with iOS 10.2.1 stability improvements

If you still experience random iPhone 6 or 6s shutdowns, Apple’s recently released iOS 10.2.1 may fix the problem or at least limit its impact.